Zipper Troubles? Here Are the Answers to Some

Zippers may be one of the rare products that have not modified during the course of history. Well, we need to be honest, the problems they cause have also remained the same, i.e. the ways in which they often break or do not work properly.


It has happened to everyone that he/she got his/her zipper stuck and the feeling of being trapped is automatically predominant. What is the solution? First of all, you would need a pencil, a graphite one, and then you would need to rub its tip against the yip teeth. If this does not give any result, well, lubricants will. Anything from soap or lip balm to Windex will do the job. How? The lubricant should be put on all teeth of the entire zip.

Zipper Troubles? Here Are the Answers to Some

Teeth wide opened

One of the worst nightmares is when you simply cannot close zip’s teeth, and the problem is more annoying if it happens on your bags at the moment when you are planning to go somewhere. The lubricant or graphite pencil tricks may work here, but sometimes the problem is so big that new methods are needed. Yes, the first thing that should be always checked is whether the part of the fabric is not stuck and inspect each and every tooth in case one or several of them are broken.

If they are outside of their normal position, well just move them back. Sliders have the lifespan and when it is over, they start to spread open and not to keep teeth as they should. If this happens, just have a look at a slider, and tighten it up with pliers so that teeth are held tight. The problem is almost unsolvable when we are talking about jeans since in his case we either have to completely remove the bottom part of or stich the part that is open. If this is not possible, well, you would need to replace the entire zipper.

It gets down

Some of the zippers, when pulled up, will simply start to go downwards and they will not stay at the top.  There is one very easy solution to this: use a key ring, get it through the open top of the zipper, and when you zip your pants, just attach it to the button. If you do not have a key ring, well try to find a rubber band, it also works.

Zipper Troubles? Here Are the Answers to Some

Broken slider and pull

When we are talking about the broken slider or about the one that is not working properly, the only thing left is to completely replace it. This can be done easily by using pliers. The situation with the broken zipper pull is quite the opposite since it can be repaired very easily. The pull can be anything at about that size, such as ribbon, key ring etc.

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