Check out this 1950’s Daily Cleaning Routine

The average 1950’s daily cleaning routine is somewhat different from the things people do today when cleaning their homes. Generally, the homes of our grandmas are and used to be very neatly clean, probably because of housekeeping techniques that were different.  They made sure to make it neat, tidy, clean and were always welcoming.

A book from 1953 called My Housewife’s Handbook says “cleaning is the removal of dirt from the paint, varnish, fabric, enamel, glass, metal, and other surfaces found in the home.”  These tasks should be done on a daily basis, according to this book: sweep walks and porches, dust furniture and wood floors, brush upholstered furniture, clean rugs, wash bathroom toilet fixtures and floor, and clean sinks, fittings and stove surfaces after every use.

Check out this 1950’s Daily Cleaning Routine
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1950’s Daily Cleaning Routine

In the modern world, people do not have this amount of free time, and the older trend of wives staying home is over. Now, both of the partners work long hours and even rent out cleaning services every once in a while. Therefore, cleaning and housekeeping come as something to go through, a long and hard chore that does not present any pleasure.

However, what would happen if we all thought about taking care of our house as a form of a hobby, or at least some sort of a joyful experience? Would we be closer to the 1950’s daily cleaning routine in terms of things done, while not making it the only thing on our to-do list? Try to make it as pleasurable as possible. Put on some music or a TV show in the background. Vacuuming and dusting sessions take less than half an hour if done a couple of times a week. You do not have to clean much if you do not leave it for later. Make it your own time, and your home will shine.

Check out this 1950’s Daily Cleaning Routine
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Keep in mind that if you do not have time to clean for long each day, try to be tidier throughout the whole day, and you will have fewer things to clean and organize. When the time for cleaning comes, it will not be hard because you already took care of something prior to the actual cleaning. Modern methods and tools also make it easier to clean the entire home.

When you change your view on “chores” and look at it as “me time” and something beneficial to you, you will develop an intimacy with your home, and it will be much easier to look after it!  

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