Top 5 Benefits of Linen Clothing for Housewives

Once, linen clothing was considered to be available only to the high society, such as monarchs, queens, knights, and priests, however, that was in the 16th century. Flax cultivation has become popular and linen was introduced to more people, eventually becoming available to everyone. Today, we have various high-quality items made from linen, such as kitchen linens, bedding and bath, and of course, linen clothing.

People who usually wear linen clothing say that they are not able to imagine wearing anything else, especially during the summer season. So, why is linen so popular and what makes it sought-after? Here are 5 benefits of linen clothing:

1. It is durable

It is known that this material is one of the strongest in the world and it is also more durable than cotton. For example, a good cotton shirt could last you a few seasons, but a linen shirt or a dress will last even longer. Clothes made from linen will also not lose their shape when they are washed, however, they could become even softer. If properly looked after, they could even last years.

Linen Clothing for Housewives
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2. It is easy to care for

As mentioned earlier, if you take care of the clothes, they will last longer. However, you should know that linen clothing items do not need specific treatment. According to the experts from magiclinen, linen garments can be washed in a washing machine, but keep in mind that you should not add bleach or strong detergents since they can weaken the fabric. It is best if you use cold water to wash them. Also, you can hang the clothes to dry naturally, or you can tumble dry them. The best things about linen? It does not have to be ironed! Linen dresses that are a bit wrinkled can only bring more elegance to your overall look, were wrinkly cotton dresses can look quite messy.

3. It is hypoallergenic

A lot of people suffer from allergies and different skin conditions, and they probably noticed that specific types of fabrics can boost their symptoms. The reason for this is that most materials and fabrics allow moisture build-up, which is the perfect place for bacteria and microbes. But, with linen, this will not be the case. It is light, breathable, and releases moisture quite fast. It is even good if your children or child is suffering from allergies or skin conditions, you can wear linen clothing like dresses, tops, bottoms, and scarves that will not make your child’s symptoms worse.

4. It is suitable for every season

So, the most asked question about linen is how can it keep you both warm and cold? Well, that is one of the best qualities of wearing this type of clothing. Of course, it is reasonable that it is best for summer, but people are increasingly choosing it for autumn and spring, as well as winter. Flax, which is used to make these clothes is also used to make home insulation items. The reason behind this – Flax is a natural insulator and it is capable of releasing extra humidity. Wool or cotton clothes might get you warm faster, but it will make you sweat a lot, especially if you are somewhere warm. Linen items like shirts, bottoms, and scarves will keep the heat and release it when necessary.

Linen Clothing for Housewives

5. It is versatile

You can choose linen clothing for a formal event, a casual coffee with your friends while doing work around the house, or even a corporate event. These clothes come in various sizes, cuts, and styles, and they can be easily styled with various accessories. You can combine it with scarves, linen totes, loose-knit sweaters for the colder seasons, and leather jackets as well. There are endless possibilities.


These are only some of the benefits linen clothing can bring to you and you will certainly feel more comfortable during each season.

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