Top Tips for Brightening up your Garden

Besides your interior home, you want the space outside your house to look nice. And you need to maintain it every now and to make your neighborhood much more beautiful. Having a garden in the backyard may be what you need.

If your garden is looking a little worse for wear or you simply want to brighten it up a bit you’re in the right place. Dino Decking has a few great ideas that can make your garden look so much better. Read on for more information:

Grow Brightly Coloured Plants

A very easy way to brighten up your garden is to grow brightly colored plants. You don’t have to add a lot of plants you simply need to add more color here and there. Some pink, blue, or yellow flowers could work really well and give your garden a bit of a lift.

Try to use plants that show off their colors at different times of the year so you always have color. Some people make the mistake of only having color during the summer months. This will lead to their garden looking dull the rest of the year. Grow different varieties of plants so you have color every single month.

Don’t forget to add a lot of color to the part of your garden that’s closest to your home. When you look out your windows you will see the color a lot more clearly and it will make the area look less dull.

Top Tips for Brightening up your Garden

Add Stepping Stones

Adding a few stepping stones here and there can make your garden brighter. Stepping stones come in all colors and patterns so there’s bound to be at least a few designs you like. Why not consider making your own stepping stones? Use broken china or plain concrete stepping stones and decorate them ‘til your heart’s content?

You don’t need a lot of stepping stones to add that special touch to your garden, a few here and there will be fine.

Add Some Decking

Adding a bit of decking to your garden can brighten it up no end. Composite decking is tough, weather-resistant and available in a wide variety of colors. Using the right color decking you can breathe new life into your garden.

Here’s an extra tip for you: Why not create a seating area on your decking and furnish it with brightly colored cushions and a parasol or two? You may also want to think about hanging some fabric from the side of the decking so it acts like a wall. This will help to brighten the area up and add a bit of privacy too. Don’t forget to use brightly colored fabric that moves gently with the breeze.

Remember those brightly colored plants I mentioned? Why not add a few to your decking? Add them to some nicely colored plant pots and display them here and there. You won’t have to go far to enjoy the color.

Paint a Few Stones

If your garden is still somewhat lacking in color you may want to consider painting a few stones. Using outdoor paint or any type of paint you please you could really brighten up your garden.

Try not to use the same color all the time, use at least 3 different bright colors and paint away! Place the painted stones in and around your garden and they will brighten it up. If you would like to highlight some parts of your garden use your painted stones to draw your attention to those areas.

Tile or Paint a Walkway

Walkways aren’t always the most colorful, especially if they are made from concrete. While not add a touch of color and tile or paint them? Use outdoor tiles to make your walkway look so much brighter. Use different tiles here and there to create a pattern and make your walkway stand out.

Some outdoor paint can also be used on your walkway, making it look a lot brighter. Experiment with colors and patterns and enjoy giving your walkway a new lease of life.

Top Tips for Brightening up your Garden

Paint Those Dull Concrete Blocks

If you have a few dull concrete blocks in your garden you may want to add a splash of color. Paint the concrete blocks so they are given a new lease of life. Use a range of colors so that they all stand out and make your garden look a little brighter. You may even want to paint a large flower or some insects on the concrete blocks to make them look even brighter and more cheerful. The only limit is your imagination.

No matter how large or small your garden is you can make it much brighter. The beauty of the above tips is most of them are very easy to do and all of them will make your little bit of lawn look so much better. Use a few or all of the above tips to add more life and brightness to your garden so you enjoy spending time in it no matter all through the year.

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