If You Want to Be the Perfect Vintage Housewife You Need to Follow These Rules

Many things are different today than they were before. The most important thing that has changed is the family roles and family values. Important things have disappeared. But if you want and if you have the will and determination you will be able to bring that important family values and roles into your family and home. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1.    It is very important to always first start with yourself. You will need to wake up earlier than the rest of your family. Take a shower and dress up in something appropriate, it can be something casual, but it is best if it shows your feminine figure. Always put a little perfume, do your makeup, nothing much, just a little foundation, blush and mascara. Fix your hair, put it up, so that’s neat but practical. You are doing all of this because you want to show your husband that you can be beautiful for the whole day. If you have children, you need to wake them up, dress them and prepare them for the day.
  2.    After everything is done, your husband will wake up, and while he is showering, prepare a tasty breakfast for everyone. Try to make something new and interesting every other day. While he is eating the breakfast tell him your plans for the diner and ask him if there’s something special that he wants to eat that evening. This way you will show him that you appreciate his opinion.
  3.    While everyone is still eating, prepare lunch for the day and snacks too. Always try to prepare something that is delicious, but also healthy and nutritious. Pack the lunch and snacks for your husband and children, if you have them. Always pay attention to your husband’s needs, so if he takes any medications, give them to him, or pack them for him. He will notice your efforts and he will be happy.
  4.    Always kiss your husband goodbye and wish him a good and productive day. If you have children do the same with them. You will want to say to your husband that you appreciate the fact that he works hard every day and everything that he does for your family. If he complains about something, apologize for it, and say that you will take care of it immediately when he goes. Maybe you won’t do it the second that he leaves the house, but he will go to work with the knowledge that you know about his needs, and that you care about him. When everyone leaves the house, clean everything after breakfast, and do the dishes. After that, it is best to do the washing and ironing. Clean the bedroom and change the bedsheets. Clean the living room from all the things and children toys that are all around the room. Open the windows to give some fresh air to the house and if it’s possible always have some fresh flowers in the house.
  5.    After you’ve done everything, it is time to cook something for yourself, something quick, but tasty. Now you have the time to eat and relax. After you are done relaxing, prepare the dinner. When your children get home from school, help them clean up and dress them in clean and comfortable clothes. While you prepare dinner, you can help them with their homework. It is important that they finish their homework and that they relax before their father comes home from work, so they can be peaceful and quiet when he comes. When he comes home greet him with joy and always show interest about his day at work. Prepare him his favorite drink and let him relax a bit before dinner. Ask him questions about his work, comment and always support him. After dinner, spend some time with your children playing a game or something similar. Prepare the children for bed, show them love and kiss them good night.
  6.    Now it is time for you and your husband to go to bed, but before that check, if the bedroom is nice and cleaned. Prepare the bed for your husband and prepare yourself for the night time. Clean your makeup and dress into a nice nightdress. Ask your husband if he wants a massage or talk to him about something important if he wants. It is very important to listen very carefully to your husband and his needs.

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  1. Don't quite remember how I got there, but one thing is sure thank you for the work. It gives some hope to "perfect husband" side too!

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