Old Fashioned Housekeeping Hacks

Many of the housekeeping hacks we rely on today date back to times unknown to us.

From one decade to the next, new appliances were invented, the old ones were modified and improved, and technology came into play. When the dishwasher became popular, women didn’t have to rely solely on themselves to wash the dishes. Moreover, this new appliance would do it for them. If we simply consider this example as one of many, we realize how much time and effort we save with just this one. With a click of a button, the dishwasher does the task for you. Meanwhile, you have time to do something else or even leave the house. In addition, we probably don’t even realize how many old-fashioned housekeeping hacks we rely on every day. Throughout the rest of the text, we will discuss how times have changed and maybe even discover housekeeping hacks you had no idea existed.

Old Fashioned Housekeeping

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There are many things in your house that you could use for much more than just what they are meant for.

At some point in our lives, we have all learned a few things from our grandmothers. Many housekeeping hacks we know of today and actively rely on have been passed on through generations and even different cultures. For example, one of the oldest hacks is the many uses and purposes baking soda has. Baking soda is commonly used in baking; however, its other uses include odor and stain removal! Other things you can find in the kitchen but use elsewhere as stain removers or cleaners include lemon, vinegar and salt.

While we are on the topic of different oils, fruits and baking supplies, these can also be used as homemade remedies, masks, etc. For example, mixing honey with sugar can make an organic and natural lip scrub. Furthermore, coconut oil can be a very beneficial ingredient for a hair mask. Overall, there are numerous little tricks and hacks to make use of for almost anything. Let’s get more familiar with the rest.

If Moving Houses

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In case you happen to be moving or even simply redecorating your home, you can always reach out to professional moving companies. With their help, you can store your belongings safely or carefully move them from one place to the next. Meanwhile, use old newspapers to pack your fragile belongings in case you are moving. Professional companies like movingkingsnc.com use similar techniques. Stacking items wrapped in newspaper will ensure that nothing breaks. If you don’t want to waste newspapers, you can use blankets and extra bed covers. All in all, scheduling a move with the Moving Kings company can help you take care of your fragile items.

Housekeeping Hacks and Tricks

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When society began to be more accepting of women working and not having the role of a housewife, women needed housekeeping hacks that would shorten the amount of time they spent on cleaning and preparing at home. Back in the 50s and 60s, women would spend hours upon hours housekeeping. In those days, that was their full-time job. So, as times changed, and communities and the culture evolved, these women came up with some smart housekeeping hacks.


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Before big brand names came out with cleaning supplies, people relied on household items you can find in the kitchen. Baking soda one of which is the best!

One of the oldest housekeeping hacks which date back years is not having a carpet in the kitchen. Why double the amount of work and effort when it gets dirty? With oils and water and crumbs being present every day in the kitchen, it’s hard to keep that carpet clean and spotless. Therefore, women advised that there be no carpet in the kitchen. Instead, with just hardwood floors or vinyl, a simple sweep will do the job.

When it’s raining outside, keep a sponge in the hallway. This sponge would be designated to wipe up any dripping water from when you enter the house. It’s quick and within reach. Also, hang the umbrella in your bathtub. This way the rainwater will drip away and make no mess to have to clean up later.

Moreover, there are multiple recipes online to make homemade cleaning supplies. If you are not a fan of the chemicals today’s cleaning supplies are made with, there are other options. For example, a mix of vinegar and baking soda can remove the toughest grease stains and can unclog drains.


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There are other ways to recycle than to just throw plastic in a separate bin. Keep a bin of old clothes you were originally going to throw out. My grandma would never let good fabric go to waste, and she would always reuse an old shirt for something before throwing it out. You are not only saving money on not buying more paper towels, but it is also better for our planet. Therefore, next time you’re about to throw out something old, keep it around for cleaning down the road.

Another housekeeping hack to make things last longer is to cut your sponges in half. Half a sponge will do just as good of a job as a full one, except it will dry a lot faster, therefore lasting longer. You are also minimizing the number of bacteria that can start to form on wet sponges.

Last but not least, don’t throw out onion skin and layers you take off the onion you are using. Keep them in a separate container or plastic bag until Spring. When Easter comes around, you can use the onion skin to cook with the eggs as coloring. The onion layers will color the egg on the outside, enabling you to use a natural way and also save money.

Vintage is Always Good

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When something has been around for quite some time, it means it withstands time. There is quality to vintage.

Experiences of our mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers have taught them to be smart, resourceful and astonishing at multitasking. Their knowledge has been passed on from one generation to the next, and in return teaching us and enabling us to teach our kids, and so on. With hacks here and there, taking care of the house, family and a job, things became a little easier. Who knew that baking soda could do all of the above? Or, how many old clothing items have you thrown out that could’ve been used to clean the floors or windows?

All in all, it is never too late to take some vintage advice and good old-fashioned hacks. As we read this, and perhaps learn a few things, we also realize how truly amazing and inspiring these women were and are. They did so much, in a magnificent manner, all the while rising above those challenging times. Today, although we have come far, we could definitely use all, if not more, housekeeping hacks that could save us money and resources.

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