How To Choose The Right Flowers For Your Beloved Woman?

Although many do not know, every flower you give to someone carries a certain message and has a certain meaning. Therefore, when giving flowers to a loved one, be sure to pay attention to what kind of symbolism there is so that the person doesn’t find offended or gets the wrong impression. This is especially true for women because we most often give them flowers. Therefore, one should keep in mind the person to whom we give flowers, their character, but also the “floral etiquette” that we often do not know well enough.

The Meaning Of Flowers

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For starters, the meaning of flowers can be viewed by their colour. Therefore, you should know that blue means faithfulness and daydreaming and orange refers to pride and energy. Purple represents tenderness, while white is a symbol of innocence. Red symbolizes love and beauty, green is for understanding and yellow for jealousy. The type of flowers also carries a certain message with it.

Centuries ago, communication was much more difficult than today. That’s why people had to come up with ways to express their deepest feelings to someone. The easiest thing to do was through flowers. Each flower carried a specific message or feeling. Although today it is possible to convey messages or hidden feelings in many ways, it is sometimes best to do it through flowers. Just like in old times. Florists generally know the symbolism and will always advise gentlemen when gifting flowers to their “favourite woman”.

To get the most out of it, find out below what does specific flower means and what kind of message does it send.

Roses: Love And Friendship

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Traditionally, roses are the most commonly gifted flowers to women all over the world. Since the red rose symbolizes love and passion but also friendship, it is one of the most popular and best-selling flowers. Especially for Valentine’s Day and similar holidays. 

Roses are generally considered the classiest flowers you can buy for your girl. You can find a great choice in online flower shops which can also provide you with greeting cards and delivery. If you want to give your special lady a white rose, know that it symbolizes chastity and innocence. Yellow roses are said to be flowers of joy, but very often people associate them with infidelity and jealousy. 

Nowadays, more and more thornless roses are being sold, signifying love at first sight. If you give such a rose to a beloved woman, you should know that it has a special meaning for her. Therefore, never gift a thornless rose to your mother or sister, aunt or an elderly neighbour. If you want to be legit, check out FloraQueen for classy flowers! 

Carnation: A Symbol Of Loyalty, Prosperity And Wealth

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Although carnation has not been a favourite flower of recent decades, it is slowly returning to fashion. For many years this flower has been gifted to female colleagues, friends, wives, grandmothers. It was the symbol of almost every flower arrangement at the celebrations. Today, it is usually gifted to friends or female colleagues. 

According to the floral etiquette, red carnation symbolizes wealth, prosperity and love, while white carnation symbolizes innocence. Pink carnation has an “I’ll never forget you” message, but it also represents loyalty. Otherwise, for those who do not know, carnation is also a flower that indicates lust.

Orchids: Gift for Elegant and Sophisticated Women

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Orchid is one of the most beautiful and unique flowers. There are over 25,000 species of orchids. With its uniqueness, orchid stands out from other flowers. Its sophisticated appearance indicates a desire for romance and intimacy, but also wealth and success. This flower pays tribute to women who have given birth. It is usually gifted with wishes for a soon recovery.

This is also one of the best selling flowers. A man who gives an orchid for Valentine’s Day wants to show his lady how special and unique she is. White orchids pay respect to elegant and older ladies, but also mothers or grandmothers. That way, the man shows that he admires the elegance, charm and grace of the woman.

Sunflower: A Symbol Of Strength, Admiration And Pride

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This is a flower that never goes out of fashion because it is yellow and warm like the sun. Its symbolism is admiration for a person, as well as strength and pride. Men usually give it to women they admire. If sunflower is presented to a loved one, it means she is supposed to be the centre of the world of the man who gives it to her.

Tulips: For The Glory And Pride Of Women

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Tulip is a symbol of pride and glory. The tulip often symbolizes women’s pride and glory in the fight for their rights. On the other hand, red tulips are tied to love, and yellow ones are hopeless and unrequited love. A pink tulip signifies caring and purple a dignity. The white tulip symbolizes forgiveness.

Narcissus (daffodils): Self-Love And Narcissism

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Narcissus, as it tells by the name, signifies self-love and narcissism. On the other hand, it represents a new beginning, birth, awakening, since this flower is among the first that blooms. However, pay close attention to these flowers, especially when giving them to women who understand their symbolism because the yellow daffodil carries a message of contempt.

Lily: Beauty, Happiness And Virginity

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The lily symbolizes infinite beauty, purity, happiness, virginity, immortality and salvation. It is very often used at weddings because in biblical terms it symbolizes choosing a loved one. If you buy your special lady a white lily, you should know that it binds to innocence and purity. Yellow lily represents falsehood and deception, and purple means the return of happiness

Magnolia: Dignity And Refinement

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Many agree that it is one of the most beautiful flowers. Magnolia represents elegance and dignity, and if it is white, then it means innocence. When giving a pink flower, it signifies shyness and most often refers to girls who have not yet met true love. If you decide to give a magnolia blossom, you tell the woman that you are upset or impatient. There is also another belief – that the man who gives magnolia is unfaithful.

Iris: Inspiration

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Iris is the flower that most often signifies inspiration, dignity, courage and glory. If you are gifting a blue iris, you should know that it symbolizes daydreaming and imagination, a comfortable life and happiness. If you want to express your passion to a girl or woman then a yellow iris is a good choice.

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