15 Tricks to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger and Better

The perception and distribution of space in a house is usually a matter that generally worries us. We want to make the most of the area in the house so that furniture, decoration and other belongings don’t occupy too much space. Today we will talk about how to make your home look larger.

Each room in the house can be designed to avoid using more space than necessary and to have a feeling of spaciousness. We can make the house look much more spacious with a series of tricks and tips that apply to every place in the house.

There is a tonne of nifty interior design tips to ensure that your rooms look spacious and stylish while still providing maximum comfort. Bright furnishing and decorating are crucial to getting the most out of your limited dimensions, and you don’t have to be a pro incorporate them into your floor plans! Follow these pointers to put together a perfectly roomy, well-styled home.

1. Emphasize the ceiling

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That is a fantastic way of tricking the eye into thinking that your home is more spacious than it is. Drawing gaze upwards gives the illusion of taller ceilings, leaving a room feeling spacious without interrupting your floor plan at all. Emphasize your home’s ceilings by painting them a statement color, wallpapering them, or just installing a few floating shelves right below.

2. Stay light and bright

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Clean neutrals are a great way of opening up space. Keep your walls and woodwork a uniform white to stretch out every inch of your lateral space. While your furniture might be in natural wood, metal, or even colorful painted tones, you can consciously select soft furnishings, rugs, and accessories all in fresh, sweet tones to avoid burying your items in heavy sounds.

3. Use mirrors

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Mirrors are always going to make a home feel roomier; they reflect a scene and give the impression of more floor space, and in some cases, they can even trick you into thinking there’s another window. Choose a statement leaning mirror to make any living room feel twice as big. That is a great one because it makes a significant impact without taking up too much space or budget.

4. Move your centerpieces away from the wall

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That might feel counterintuitive when you’re trying to squeeze space out of every inch in your home. However, positioning your furniture away from the wall helps to open up a room and make it seem more spacious. Pull your bed, sofa, and dining table away from your walls to maximize your space in a smart and incredibly easy way!

5. Maximize a corner space

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That is the absolute opposite of the previous tip, although it can work amazingly in some homes. Styling your bed or sofa in an angle creates a cozy little nook for you to relax in and creates all this space around the room that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Choose a small L-shaped corner sofa to invest in the perfect compact lounge.

6. Use storage solutions

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If you have a small home, you’re just going to have to get used to being thoughtful with your storage.

Less space means more clutter, and by investing in a few multifunctional-pieces, you’ll notice a massive difference in the overall impression when you enter your home. Dedicate a wall to a large storage unit, choose a chest as a coffee table, buy drawers for underneath your bed and hunt for bar stools that can double up as side tables when not in use.

7. Choose the right patterns

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Sometimes, smart design is just a question of using different materials! Incorporate striped cushions, artwork, and even a rug to stretch out your furnishings.

8. The accessories and decoration

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Avoid room clutter, objects block the view and can make the room appear smaller. If the different fixtures in the room are of different colors, you must organize them according to their color so that the environment will be visually tidier. Also, the decorative elements and other ornaments that you place in your room will influence and make your room appear larger than it is.

9. Roof windows

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In addition to getting more natural light, these windows are a modern and innovative design to make your house look more prominent. These types of windows are perfect in small and large rooms. The kitchens and bathrooms are ideal places to place a window on the roof.

10. Prevent disorder

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If you do not have much space, you must remove everything unnecessary from your home, especially the mess. Have baskets and decorative boxes to store toys, papers, keys, and other things that look messy.

11. Round tables

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Round tables have almost the same surface as square or rectangular tables, but you will gain more space as you won’t be walking around the sharp corners in your room.

12. Create distinctions

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If you use your room as an office, game room, or entertainment place, you must define these spaces to make your house look more prominent. You can achieve this with a carpet or sofa located as a separation, leaving the room on one side and the office on the other. Other ways to add definition is with colors, use different shades for different parts of your home.

13. Sofas without armrests

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Sofas and chairs without armrests will make your home look more airy and large, not having so many lines marking the space. This type of furniture also feels more people, something you need by not having so much space.

14. The minimalist style to create a feeling of spaciousness

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The minimalist decoration is a rising trend. It is a trend that focuses mainly on the use of light colors, primarily white, and having only necessary furniture and objects. The minimalist style simplifies interior decoration to a minimum. That implies that the furniture will be simple, useful and of modern design.

15. Use glass

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Lucite or glass can take all the visual impact out of a piece of furniture. A glass coffee table, dining table, or even Lucite chairs, like ones from 1825interiors.com.au, will look incredible in a contemporary, minimalist or modern style home.
Ready to use these top ticks and tricks to design your space? Head to your local furniture store in Penrith to start your process today!

The selection of curtains also matters. We can place curtains or translucent blinds that let in as much light as possible without losing privacy. Let’s not forget that these complements can be white and light tones. If we want some second curtains, only decorative, collected on the sides of the window, we can choose a striped pattern to give it the final touch.

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