Things Every Mom Should Know About Teen Pregnancy

In the United States, teen pregnancy has been an ongoing crisis; costing people that pay taxes millions of dollars every year.

Because the numbers are continually on the rise with no end in sight, teen pregnancy is a problem that must get addressed and resolved as soon as possible. According to recent statistics on teenage pregnancy which was presented by the Guttmacher Institute, it clearly showed that teens are very active s*xually, but gradually the number is coming down because they are trying to avoid an unexpected pregnancy.

However, this didn’t stop it from showing that we have over 750,000 women who are between the ages of 15 to 19 in the U.S that gets pregnant every year. About two-thirds in the majority of the ladies which gets pregnant are between the ages of 18 years to 19 years in age.

Risk-factors for teen pregnancy

According to the statistical evidence, the groups that are most at-risk for having teen pregnancy demonstrated that Hispanic women and Black women mostly have higher rates of teen pregnancy. We have about 126 to 127 in 1000 ladies respectively. The Whites or the Non-Hispanic has a very low rate of having teen pregnancy with about 44 in 1,000 ladies.

Things Every Mom Should Know About Teen Pregnancy

The rates at which black teens get pregnant has significantly declined though over a few years ago from the year 1990 to 2005, there have been over 41%. A lot of teens, (about 58%) said it would be very upsetting for them if they get pregnant. While 29% said it would be a little upsetting and the remaining ones said it would be very pleasing for them if they did.

The other risk-factors are teens that are from households of single-parent or the ones from a socioeconomic status which is lower. Though, teenagers who started dating at a very young age would also be at risk of having a pregnancy. Teens that aren’t educated about pregnancy prevention and the use of preservatives have more chances of becoming pregnant.

Teen pregnancy prevention

Furthermore, the teens who have begun to form relationships that are romantic and date at a very young age would engage more in the s*xual activity and get pregnant more likely, it’s very important to know that if they have proper education to learn all about it, they can actually avoid becoming pregnant. Abstaining is definitely not a solution because they will engage in such activities sooner or later.

It’s very crucial to have the likelihood of becoming pregnant stated especially when the teens aren’t using protection properly.

Because a lot of public schools are allowed only to have an abstinence-only discussion on such education, its left for the parents for them to tell their teens on how to be smart in decisions when it’s the right time to become active. It’s crucial for the parents to inform their children about the importance of preservatives.

Things Every Mom Should Know About Teen Pregnancy

“Talking to your kids about s*x is imperative and should come from the parents and not the school” says Sam Miller, a life coach for teenagers. “Sadly, many parents are afraid to talk to their kids about s*x which is why so many end up getting pregnant or a disease. Schools were designed to teach academics, not life skills.”

The best way you can assist your teen is educating them on how to make decisions that are smart which wouldn’t bring about issues of teenage pregnancy.

Take the time to talk to your child about their future in life so that they can see how getting pregnant at such an early age will impact their ability to create a better future for themselves and their family.

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