Simple Hacks For Fast Cleaning Your House

Sometimes you put off your chores to the point you don’t have much time to finish them all in a decent amount of time, or you’re having guests over, and you have just one hour to make you house tidy and shiny. So, what is the best and fastest way to do it?

There are certain tips and tricks to clean entire average size house in an hour, and what you need are work and focus, without anything getting you distracted, especially not your phone. Let us tell you more about it.

Start at the top

When you start cleaning your house from the bottom, by the time you get to the top, all of the dirt and dust from higher surfaces will fall on lower ones you have just cleaned, and that is not what you need and want. Dust ceiling fans, furniture wiping dirt, and at the end you clean all of the floors.

Bedrooms – 6 minutes per bedroom

Remake your beds by using one hand to lift the corner while tucking the sheet with the other. Use a spare blanket to keep all of the trash and take a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass and put them in a closet. Use a dusting spray and microfiber cloth to wipe down furniture from top to bottom.

Bathrooms – 7 minutes per bathroom

When cleaning bathroom you make a quick trip around all the bathrooms in to house and spray counters and tubs with cleaner, letting it sit while you clean toilets and wipe down the outer toilet surface. After that, you wipe down counters and rinse tub. You should clean mirrors before cleaning the floors, because as we said it goes from the top to the bottom.

Living/Dining Rooms – 7 minutes

In case you have blinds and/or ceiling fans, dust them first, and then dust all surfaces from the top to the bottom. Make sure you use an upholstery attachment and vacuum upholstered furniture. The last cleaning step is to vacuum floors along with all house carpeting.

Kitchen – 12 minutes

First step here is cleaning your dishes. Assuming you own a dishwasher, load it with all the dirty dishes and fill sink with hot soapy water. In case you have a removable burner pieces on your stove top, and they are dirty, place them in water, and after clear counters. While wiping down cabinets, counters and other surfaces, use a sponge which you will previously dunk in hot water and squeeze out excess. Appliances also need to be wiped down. Doing a trick for preventing fingerprints on stainless steel is something you should learn to do, in case you have more time and when you are not in a hurry. Cleaning and replacing stove pieces is how you finish all this cleaning. Of course bottom things come last, and those are floors and all hard flooring surfaces.

Floors – 15 minutes whole house

When vacuuming carpeted rooms, the best is to work your way backwards out of the room moving quickly to save time. Of course, if you have pets, make sure you use attachment to get corners where pet hair can accumulate. In case you don’t have pets, use the attachemnt anyway, since there are places where dust accumulates too, so you would prevent it from getting into the air and quickly settling again, and aggravating allergies. Investing in steam mops or Hardwood Floor Cleaners is also one of the tips, since those things make cleaning surfaces faster, and that is what you are aspired to.

Make sure you share you thoughts about our tips and tricks and/or tell us yours in the comment section below.

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