Tuesday January 3rd Cleaning Checklist

Good morning! It’s bathroom focus day.  People often ask me which cleaning products I use to clean my bathrooms.   My answer is that it depends.  If it’s the day I am cleaning my shower curtains, I soak them in the tub with bleach.   I love the smell of bleach but I don’t use it often because I worry about killing the beneficial bacteria in my septic tank.

I love Dow Scrubbing bubble bathroom cleaner, but I often use Method brand bathroom cleaner because it’s supposed to be less chemical laden.  Still… I love those scrubby bubbles of Dow, so I typically slide back to using it.  Nothing works better.

I also have one textured bathtub that seems to stain faster than the others.   Once in a while I use fume-free Easy Off Oven cleaner on it.   It’s easy.  Just spray.  Let it sit for an hour.  Rinse.  It takes off that stained layer easily and fume free.

Whatever you decide to use, just be very careful to never combine cleaners as doing so can create deadly fumes (bleach and ammonia, for example, are a very dangerous mixture.)

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