Guide to Sanitizing Your Things During a Move

Relocating during the Coronavirus outbreak requires certain safety measures to be followed. There is no telling when the second wave of infection will spread. With that in mind, we all have to do everything in our power to reduce the spread of the virus. The United States was hit hard, and no matter where you go, chances are you will get in touch with someone who is sick. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you must always carry a mask and gloves, and keep yourself distanced from other people. Furthermore, it is smart to start sanitizing your things during a move. Let’s see what is the best way to keep your things protected from the virus.

How to protect your belongings during relocation?

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Even if you hire experts to help you with the relocation, there are different approaches that will make sanitizing your things during a move a bit easier:

  • always have your hands clean
  • clean your things thoroughly
  • make sure your belongings are tightly sealed
  • keep yourself safe when making a contact with others
  • always have your protective equipment at your hand’s reach

Keep your hands clean at all times

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Dealing with boxes during a move requires physical contact. If you have movers help you load the boxes, make sure they are wearing gloves. Furthermore, as soon as you finish loading the boxes, wash your hands, and use sanitizer.

A good practice is to keep hand sanitizer in your car so you can use it when needed.

Purchase cleaning products

To protect your belongings for a move, purchase all cleaning products that will help you prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Some disinfectants are able to kill the virus easily:

  • Lysol wipes (disinfecting ones)
  • Clorox Multisurface Cleaner
  • ClearSmart
  • Germ Away

If for some reason you cannot get your hands on one of these products, you can make your own at home. Just use alcohol or diluted bleach solution. Per CDC, just mix 5 tablespoons of whichever solution you wish to use per one gallon of water. If you wish to create a bit stronger solution, mix 4 tablespoons of bleach solution per a quart of water.

Furthermore, always have enough gloves, masks, soaps, paper towels, hand sanitizers, and rags for cleaning surfaces.

The importance of cleaning your belongings thoroughly

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In order to keep your new home safe, do not allow for the virus to sneak in on your clothes. When packing for the relocation, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean everything. As soon as you wash and sanitize your belongings, pack them in boxes and seal. Make sure not to open boxes once packed.
Furthermore, when taking care of the boxes, always carry gloves.

Disinfect surfaces around you

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It is impossible to function without touching surfaces around you. With that in mind, think about high-touch surfaces and disinfect them as soon as possible. Furthermore, always keep disinfectant close to you, so you can repeat the process when necessary.

This is especially important if you have children around you.

Examples of high-touch surfaces are light switches, doorknobs, chairs, tables, floors, doors, toilet, PC keyboard or laptop, remote control, bins, railings on the stairway, and so on. Also, disinfect all the boxes before using them.

For this reason, it is easier if you use plastic containers for your move. They are easier to clean. However, have in mind that the virus can exist on plastic or metal for up to 72 hours. When it comes to cardboard boxes, it can stay alive only up to 24 hours. From this perspective, cardboard boxes are much better.

No matter which ones you decide to use, wipe them thoroughly before use.

Best practices to avoid Coronavirus during relocation

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Besides sanitizing your things during a move, there is a couple of advice you can use to avoid Coronavirus. First of all, always keep your hands clean. Do not touch your face or your mouth, and avoid touching others. Always wear a mask when communicating with others, and be aware of the distance between two people.

If you hired movers, make sure they are following all the requirements to keep you and them safe from the virus. Everyone should wear masks and gloves, and even slip-on booties for shoes.
Furthermore, make sure to thoroughly disinfect your new home before unpacking. You don’t know who has been inside before you, so always be careful.

What are general safety measures across the States?

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If we look at the current situation in the United States, you will see that some states are affected more than others. California, Texas, and Florida are the top 3 states with the most cases in the past 2 weeks.

If we take Miami for example, even though the number of infected is increased, they are not enforcing masks at the moment. People have to be willing to carry the masks on their own. It is true that under these conditions relocation carries a certain amount of risk. Nevertheless, if you hire to help you pack and move, you have better chances of protecting your belongings.

With that in mind, safety measures should be taken by people, no matter if they are enforced or not.

Guide to sanitizing your things during a move – delivered

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And there you have it. This guide to sanitizing your things during a move should keep you and your family safe during relocation. Furthermore, it should help you to keep others safe by following safety measures. Even though Coronavirus crippled everyone in a way, we can still live our lives as long as we make sure to stop it from spreading. Everything starts and ends with people, and as long as we are careful and mindful of others, we will stay safe!

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