Celebrate the 50s with These Retro Looks

What’s not to love about the beautiful era of the 1950s? It was such a special time of style, design, and budding social progress that it can be fun to incorporate pieces of this era into contemporary life. For those who are ready to rock that 1950s look in 2019, there are a few go-to looks that are fun to wear and fun to look at, too. 

Whether you’re ready to whip your hair into a beehive or you’re only looking to start with a couple of small 50s-inspired accessories, there’s no shortage of looks from which to draw your inspiration. To make your 50s fashion dreams a reality, you need to have some key basics in your wardrobe.  

North American women wore largely skirts and dressed during this super stylish time period. In order to recreate some of their styles, you’ll need to have reliable tights, nylons, stockings, garters, or your favourite type of hosiery to wear skirts and dresses. 

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of tights that can take you through all the seasons of the year, just click here and browse through the thermal socks selection to find a pair of tights that you’ll love. There are plenty of clothing and fashion trends that come and go depending on the year, season, which celebrities are popular, and more. Here are some timeless looks that can make you look and feel great at any time.

Rockabilly Style

source: rebelsmarket.com

One of the original Cool Girls, the rockabilly girls of the 50s really knew how to rock swing dress. The style was a part of a subgenre that also included the distinctive rock and roll country music hybrid. 

The trademarks of this look are unmistakable: women typically wore poodle skirts, pencil skirts, bullet bras, and they frequently accessorized with a silk scarf tied around the neck. Think about what teenagers would wear to a malt shop during this era — that look is known as rockabilly style.

Pin Up Fashion

source: rebelsmarket.com

While this look used to be associated with the sultry poster girls of the time, wearing clothes that evoke the pin up style can add a lot of class and elegance to a look. Especially during the summer months when we’re all looking for ways to stay cool, pinup style bathing suits and poolside clothes are the natural choice for anyone who wants to feel confident like the pin up ladies of yesteryear.  

Greaser Fashion

source: instyle.com

In a name: Olivia Newton John. Remember her iconic leather pants and black off-the shoulder top outfit from the movie Grease? That’s a classic example of the greaser style. You might also be inclined to associate the greaser style with motorcycle-riding, leather-jacket gentlemen with slicked back hair.

If you’re someone who likes to play with gender representation with your fashion choices, you can incorporate some of the classic “masculine” Greaser trends. This style did originate among young working-class men, so there’s definitely something to the gritty tomboy attitude that made up a key component of the 1950s subculture.

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