Wondering How to Make Your Diet Pizza Recipes under 300 Calories Rock? Read This!

Are you craving for delicious and yummy pizza but you are on diet! Do not worry that now you are not able to eat pizza. It’s a misconception that pizza contains lots of calories only if you made it by yourself. Yes, you are able to consume pizza while following your diet plan. It’s a complete diet if you are consuming pizza under 300 calories. Say bye to the dough used and other spices, you can try them at your home according to your own food preferences. If you are veggie then it is best to eat pizza made by using vegetables which is very healthy even for your health. In this article, there are recipes for trying gooey tasty pizza within 20 minutes to eat and satiate your hunger!

Quick and Cool Pizza Recipes Under 300 Calories

I am in love with Chicken Pesto Artichoke Naan Pizza recipe and am here for you to try at home as it contains 290 calories which is best suited to your diet. It just takes 20 minutes to get ready and saves your time too. Buy two wheat naan bread from the near store, spread pesto on it and then top it with chopped chicken pieces, packed or canned artichoke hearts, cheese and if you like can add olives. Put it in the oven for just 8 minutes and tasty pizza is ready to eat!

Chicken Pesto Artichoke Naan Pizza
source: gourmetwithblakely.com

Top Wellness Blog gives us another recipe to make your day is crispy Tortilla pizza which is according to your taste and healthy diet. Within in 25 minutes, you can easily make it and can consume fairly 290 calories. The ingredients which you need for this recipe are 4 tortillas (wheat bread), tomato paste, 1 bowl of mozzarella cheese, olives, onion, pepper, red pepper, and basil. After gathering all the ingredients, here’s an easy process to follow: take tomato paste and spread it all over tortillas. Layer basil, now add sliced cheese, add chopped vegetables and put in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes. Munch itJ

Recipes do not end here, there is more to feel healthy and appease your taste buds. Goat cheese and Tomato Pita is additional healthy diet consisting of 230 calories easy to prepare in 10 to 15 minutes. The ingredients are wheat pita, crushed goat cheese, sliced tomatoes, and fresh basil. First, heat your toaster or oven under 400 degrees. Now put pita in a pizza pan or use a baking sheet, add all other ingredients then leave for 10 minutes until the cheese gets melted and pita roasted.

Tortilla pizza
source: tastemade.com

Reading through the recipes, you must have the utmost desire to try this healthy food. By these easy-to-cook recipes, you can make yourself healthy enough to enjoy your life without disturbing your daily diet habits. Mostly importantly, do not go for ready-made products, take the pain and make your food healthy by adding ingredients you want and which is best for your health.

Do not Compromise on Health!

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