This is a Noodle Board, and I’m in Love.

I’d never heard of a noodle board before today.  Maybe you haven’t either.   This is a noodle board, and I’m in love.  Here are photos I plucked from the internet (if you own one of these photos, please let me know so I an give photo credit).  Without a doubt I need one of these.  I’ll have to get Mr. C on it.  He can make anything out of wood.  However, I suspect a lecture coming on fire safety…

What’s your thoughts on these?  Looks like they can fit into any decor.   Practical.  Would create a nice increase in counter space when baking.  You have no idea what a messy cook I am.  I need space.  I like to spread out and clean up later rather than clean as I go along.

Am I talking really fast? I feel like I’m talking really fast.  I do that when I’m excited.  ::::twirling thumbs::::

I should go do something productive…  I probably should post up tomorrow’s cleaning checklist.  Yeah. I’ll go do that.   See you in a  few.

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