January 15

Monday January 16 Cleaning Checklist

There’s nothing like a clean, comfortable bed at the end of the day.    To make your mattresses last longer, you need to maintain them by cleaning and rotating them.

If possible, vacuum your mattress to remove mites.   If you mattress is very heavy and it never used to be, it’s because it’s full of dust mites who are feeding on your dead skin and likely causing allergies.  You may need to replace it.  You should also replace it if it sags or has broken springs/slats.

Otherwise, spot cleaning and rotating and keeping it covered with a good allergy cover is helpful.  Here’s your list.  PDF: Monday January 16

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January 13

Saturday January 14 Cleaning Checklist

We are continuing our decluttering with hitting those movies and CDs today.  Slow and steady.  Donate.  Get donation receipts for your taxes.

PDF: Saturday January 14  (or click the photo to enlarge)

January 12

Friday the 13th Cleaning Checklist

I am not afraid of Friday the 13th, but I am afraid of the creepy crawlies that can set themselves up in my washing machine over time.   We’re going to take care of those today.   Check out this post for step-by-step instructions on how to deep clean your washer.

Your daily PDF:  Friday January 13

January 11

Thursday January 12 Cleaning Checklist

Although I am a stay-at-home wife and mom, on Thursday mornings at 7 am, I do participate in a weekly networking meeting to promote our home business.   I think it’s a good idea for all of us to find a way to get out and spend time with other adults each week.  Volunteer.  Participate in church activities.  Visit elders.  Join a mom’s group or book group.   It’s all part of taking care of you.  Find something that suits you and guard that time as “necessary” and not “optional.”

In the meantime, here’s your checklist for today.  Click to enlarge.

January 10

Wednesday January 11 Cleaning Checklist

It’s mid-week again already!   Wednesday is kitchen day, and also the day that I tend to do my primary food shopping, so I clean out the fridge every Wednesday as well.   What day do you meal plan and shop? (Do you need guidance on meal planning?  Check out this prior post.)   Some like to coordinate with store sale days.  In our area they seldom run out of sale products, so I don’t worry too much about that.    I am actually fortunate to live in area that offers food delivery service, which I used to use and may go back to.  It saves time and money since it eliminates spur-of-the-moment purchases that are not on my shopping list.

What do you think about food delivery services ?  Yay? or Nay?

Today’s PDF:  Wednesday Jan 11

January 9

Tuesday January 10 Cleaning Checklist

When you think about it, we have a lot of different kind of brushes in our lives.   Hair, tooth, cleaning, grill, animal, paint, and so on.   There’s just two rules for tools like brushes, buy the best you can and take good care of them.  Today we are going to maintain our toothbrushes and hairbrushes.   Toothbrushes are easy.  We replace them every 6 months, so really it’s just a matter of keeping them clean and disinfected.   Hairbrushes are investments that last a lot longer.   And if you have a favorite, you are going to want to keep it in good condition.

To clean and disinfect hair brushes, first remove all the hair from them.   Then using a second brush, apply a bit of shampoo and warm water to both brushes.  Use the second brush to gently scrub the first.   Rinse well.   Once all dust and debris are washed away, soak the brushes in vinegar, ammonia, or other disinfecting solution.

Here’s your checklist.  PDF:  Tuesday Jan 10

January 8

Monday January 9 Cleaning Checklist

Back to bedrooms today and back to cleaning those drawers.  This time in the adult bedrooms.  Don’t forget to donate to a place where you can get a receipt for the tax deduction if you itemize.

Here’s the PDF:  Monday Jan 9

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January 6

Saturday January 7 Cleaning Checklist

I just want you to know that while you are working on upholstery today, I am sitting on a beach in Puerto Rico.   Probably sipping something frosty.   (Brace yourself for a shameless plug.)

We are on a trip with the MLM company that Mr. C and I rep (EvolvHealth).  If you every want to earn some side income and have us as your coaches, let me know. (Canada, US, and Mexico only right now, but coming soon all over the world.)  We’d love for you to be sitting on the beach with us next year!

What is it?  Basically just educating people about 9 all-natural products that reduce inflammation and help balance hormones in people’s bodies.   (Those two things are responsible for 90% of problems people experience.)  You can check out our site here:  www.HereComesHope.myevolv.com and write to us at HereComesHope@icloud.com for more info.   We’ll be back on the 9th.  🙂

Just figured I’d share.   Enjoy your day!!  I know I will!


PDF: Saturday Jan 7

January 5

Friday Jan 6th Cleaning Checklist

Ohhhhh those socks.   They’re everywhere.   How do you handle sock matching?  Where do you keep the strays as you wait to find out if they were eaten by the washing machine?

Today is sock matching day.   And, coincidentally, puppet making day.  <wink> Enjoy!

Click the photo to enlarge or use this PDF:  Friday Jan 6