How to Choose Kitchen Countertops

The decision-making process is hard enough when you have the required knowledge and experience, but when it comes to kitchen countertops, it is a step further. The kitchen countertop is central and you should really invest your time in choosing the right one.

Besides the apparent visual factor, durability is the second most common factor, and of course, the price that defines your search for the perfect kitchen countertops. Countertops have an essential role in the kitchen space because of its necessary daily usage. Therefore, this question of choosing the right kitchen countertop must be dealt with carefully and treated as a long term investment for the future.

For the first suggestion, when opting for a particular kitchen countertop, you should specify if this is your top priority in the kitchen. If this is the case, the high-quality materials that are available out there are quartz, soapstone, marble, stainless steel, concrete, laminates, etc. So it is up to you to make the choice.

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The implementation of solid surface countertops similarly to concrete countertops comes in various colors, appealing to the eye, today customized to your tastes. The great thing about the countertops is that they need low maintenance to retain their brand-new look. This is a win-win scenario for your home-budget and kitchen simultaneously.

Granite countertops are considered to be one of the three most luxurious and stylish materials used for the kitchen.  With the introduction of granite to your countertop, it is heat resistant, low maintenance, and a touch of class and luxury at first sight. The people from 800remodeling recommend granite, quartz, and marble for countertops. Kitchen countertops will never look the same when you glance through the countertops made of the mentioned materials.

For those who want a different but still top-quality choice for kitchen countertops besides granite and marble, quartz is just what they have been searching for in this topic. Quartz countertops are heat-resistant, scratches, and stainless free, luxury-practical investment of materials in a kitchen. Available in numerous colors, bring them closer, even more, appealing than with the previous option of granite as an element in your kitchen. The only negative point to mention is that this material is quite heavy and makes the procedure of installation a bit demanding, but still worth all the efforts invested in the end.

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Probably the most luxuries and elegant material to use for kitchen countertops is marble. Remember that owning a marble kitchen countertop is a symbol of higher class status and is the number one choice for the esthetic impact it gets. The negative side is the fact that stains and scratches will be recognized in time, even though marble as a material is heat-resistant and waterproofed.  We suggest placing your cutting board away from marble countertops as a maintenance tip.

Finances will have a defining word in this topic along with your priorities in the kitchen, but this is undoubtedly a long-term investment in your home. Stainless steel, butcher block, and laminate countertops represent a medium or a low-quality material for theses purpose. The mentioned materials are heat resistant, stainless, but under constant usage, lose their qualities and represent a short-term investment for a kitchen countertop.

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