An Easy Way For Stay At Home Mom’s To Clean Deck

Being a stay-at-home mom is probably one of the most exhausting and toughest jobs a woman could ever have, mostly because of its tens of jobs in one. There are so many others expect from us and ourselves, so many tasks we are responsible for doing, not to mention trying to imprint great morals and good behavior into our children we made the same time. If only we had more arms do to all this, right? With this job comes a whole tornado of emotions and most of them can drive even the best of us to an emotional breakdown.

One of the most daunting tasks is probably cleaning that mess of a deck you see every so often throughout the seasons. The best way to clean a deck for a stay at home mom is with a leaf blower. This is why we have made the best guide to help you choose which leaf blower is perfect for you.

Types of leaf blower

Each of these blowers is designed for a specific space in mind but in the end, they all serve the same function. All of them can blow leaves with no problem, but if you want a quieter machine, you can pick one over another. Sometimes as a stay at home mom you will need something to handle a bigger field or yard which is why you will need something heavy-duty. You also can get a specific kind of attachment for your blower to fit your needs. There are three types of blowers you can pick from.

Handheld leaf blower


For versatility, maneuverability and lightweight is perfect for your deck, gazebos or if you have a smaller lawn. Lacks the power to blow any larger debris away but can handle light snow, sawdust, dust and leaves no problem.

Backpack leaf blower


This is for you if you are looking at something with more power and longer run time. This type of blower is ideal for fields that have a lot of ground to cover, garages and large shops. Can easily blow away pebbles, metal shaving, twigs, and wet leaves.

Walk-behind leaf blower


These are the big guns if you require a lot of power and to clean your deck very quickly. Walk-behind blowers are usually what professional crews would use it that blow away leaves, cardboard, heavy paper and other garbage lying on the ground.

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Consider the noise

When you want to buy a new blower the most important thing you need to consider is how much noise it makes. Imagine as a stay at home mom you just put your kids to sleep and finally have some time for yourself and do some cleaning around your backyard. You pull out your new leaf blowers and it starts making so much noise it wakes up your children. This is why when buying a new leaf blower you need to find one that is much quieter than the others. You do not want to wake your kids every time and also have your neighbors start complaining when you are working on your lawn or cleaning out your gutter.

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