Dress for Marriage Success. Play up Your Feminine Nature.

Dress for Marriage Success. Play up Your Feminine Nature .  After World War II, there was an imbalance in the male/female population ratio that left single women fearing for their futures.   Good Housekeeping magazine warned that 1 in 7 of them would be forced to live alone her entire life.   And  women’s magazines began flooding the newsstands with advice about how a girl could reinvent herself to attract a husband. Coronet Magazine (1953), quotes:

The smart woman will keep herself feminine. It is her duty to herself to be desirable at all times to the opposite sex.

And what followed was a period of time where, in my opinion, women exhibited some of the most amazingly beautiful, sexy, and feminine fashions and appearances of all time.

Femininity has an enormous appeal to men.  It is in stark contrast to the big, strong, masculine nature they try to project.   Standing beside a soft, sweet, delicate-looking woman only makes their masculinity more apparent.   So, if they love it so much, why would women want to only play up their feminine nature when seeking a mate?  Why would we not wish to please our mates long after our wedding day has past?

A few days ago I talked about how throwing away our scales could ultimately save our marriages.   In the scale of importance,  if maintaining our proper weight would be considered  “important”, embracing our femininity would be considered “non-negotiable”.    Here’s why.

First, when we take care to accentuate the differences between our feminine self and our manly husband, two things happen.  First, we feel beautiful.   Let me ask you how many times a day you feel beautiful when wearing your stained yoga pants and frumpy t-shirt?  Not many, right?   How often do you feel beautiful when you wear a pretty, feminine top; fix your hair, throw on some make up and a pretty pair of earrings?   Much better, right?  And when you feel pretty, how do you act?  And when you act more confident and desirable, how does your husband act?  Right.  That brings us to number 2.   When we accentuate the difference between our feminine self and our husbands masculine self, this causes him to feel more manly and that is one of the best feelings a man can feel.  And you do that to him.   And he knows it.  You make him feel like more of a man when he’s with you.

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