15 Ways to Earn Money from Home

15 Ways to Earn Money From Home

Welcome back to our How To Live on One Paycheck –1950’s style! Series. Today, 15 Ways to Earn Money from home.  Let’s start right away with a note!  Don’t forget to join our brand new email list ———–> over there in the right column.

If this is your first time here, let me recap briefly what you’ve missed in this series (and provide links if you want to check them out):


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for the die-hard “I want to live like a 1950’s housewife” woman only.  This post talks about getting your mind right around living in a husband-lead home, if that is the type of lifestyle you want to lead.  If you are just looking for tips and tricks, skip to Part 2.

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Preparation for the switch to 1 income.  And How that 2nd income really wasn’t a second income, and why you shouldn’t worry too much about losing it.

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We’ll be posting a Money Savers newsletter every few weeks outlining lots of different ways to pinch pennies and save dollars.  You don’t want to miss any of those so you might want to subscribe to our newsletter.  

And now Part 4.   How to earn a little extra cash from home.

This is not your “Babysit the neighbor’s kids” post.  When we say 15 Ways to Earn Money from Home, we mean we’ve researched and combed the internet and dug up lots of ideas that will be new and exciting for you.  So grab a coffee and a notebook and settle in!  Here we go.

There was a time that if you wanted to earn money while being a stay-at-home wife and mom your options were few.   You could babysit.   Maybe you cleaned other people’s houses, and while those are all still very good options, we’ve brought this list up to include modern-day options as well.   There may be some that delight you, and others that surprise you.   Please note that we have not tested these, so we can’t give personal feedback, but if you do, please feel free to let us know how they worked out!

1.  Offer your random services:  

Do you have a talent like sewing or teaching drum lessons that other people might find useful?  Or are you available to offer your services to people who need them?  Like walking a dog? or secretarial services?   Google this type of thing.   Zaarly.com and www.u-exchange.com/barternewengland connect people who need services with people who are offering them in different areas of the country and there are similar website all over.

15 Ways to Earn Money From Home

2.  Do you like to write?

There are websites like thebarefootwriter.com, and ProBlogger that pay people to write things like reviews or blog posts. You could easily make some quick money doing that from home.

3.  Do you like trying new products?

You could become a paid product tester.  Some companies offer free samples or discounts. Others will actually pay you.   Look up some of these companies for info:  Shespeaks.com, Vocalpoint.com, Crowdtap.com

4.  Teach English.  Or some other language.  

There is a high demand for people who can teach English using websites like Italki.com (an online classroom).  Anyone can offer lessons (and set their own price).  The average is $15-$20 an hour!

Ways to Earn Money From Home

5.  Do you love taking photos?

There are lots of websites that need photos of anything from every day objects to conceptual ideas.  Each site works differently but here are some to check out:  Crestock.com, BigStockPhoto.com, and iStockPhoto.com

6.  Make a quick $5 doing almost anything.

Fiverr.com is a crazy site.  People need things done and it could be anything.  Take a pic holding a sign.   Make a phone call.  You have to just go check it out.

7.  If you are creative, crafty, or artistic, make something!

Then sell it on sites like Etsy.com, Zazzle.com or CafePress.com  You can even design things right on some of those sites. Talk about creating your own manufacturing plant in your living room!

8.   Do you have great administrative skills?

Offer your services at virtualassistantjobs.com

Ways to Earn Money From Home

9.  Do you enjoy doing research?  Or are you a bit of an expert in a certain area?

Sites like LivePerson.com need people like you to help them by being a virtual question answerer. 🙂 You could even do this one in your pajamas.  In bed.

10.  Problem solver? Be an at-home customer service agent.

Many companies like JetBlue Airways (as one example) hire staffing companies who have people who work from home as customer service agents.  You can even make your own schedule.   Some companies to check out are:  www.arise.com, and  www.workingsolutions.com.

11.  Rent out your car.

If you are still holding onto that 2nd car, at least earn some money from it.  Check out RelayRides.com

12.  Open a full-on home daycare.

This is a big commitment, but can be a very fulfilling one.  Every state has different licensing requirements.  Be sure to research this one before you jump in.  Check out all the pros and cons.  For some, it’s a God-send.  For others, not so much.

Ways to Earn Money From Home

13.  Like to shop? Be a professional Yard-saler.

You get to shop and find great buys and then sell them on Ebay.com, Craigslist, at your own yard sales, or even on Amazon.com  (BE CAREFUL with this.  You have to remember that you are shopping to buy low and sell higher.   You are not shopping to keep!)  I have friends who do very well with this, having replaced one full-time career already.

14.  Start your own part-time business from home.

I have an art company Blue Hasti (you can find me and like me on Facebook right here:  www.facebook.com/BlueHasti and I’d love you forever and ever.)  I paint pet portraits and custom art.  Sometimes I do murals.   What do you love to do?  Can you turn it into a business?   Be sure to check out your local licensing laws.

15. Do odd tasks that machines can’t do.

This one varies greatly in pay.  You’d have to check out for yourself if it’d be worth your while.   This is a program through Amazon called Mechanical Turk.  Find it here:  www.mturk.com  or Amazon Home Services.

and lastly but certainly not leastly:

Ways to Earn Money From Home

16.  Become a Direct Seller.

There are hundreds of kinds of Direct Sales companies.  You can open your own home-based business promoting anything from mascara, to children’s toys, to home goods, to candles, to body wraps, or 100s of other products and services.    The start-up costs are usually very low, and everything is provided for you.  It’s a business in a box.

Be sure to check out the Direct Selling Association at dsa.org for important information.  ALWAYS be sure to research your company.   With over 15 million people working in Direct Sales, you can be sure that it’s a business model that works if you do!

Update:  Mr. C and I were customers of one such company and fell in love with these anti-inflammation products so much that we became distributors (something I can do primarily from home!)   If you would like more information about these all-natural products or about joining our team (and being coached by us) please email me at the50shousewife@gmail.com and we’ll get info right out to you.

Alright, that’s 15 to get your started.   Did you find some that work for you?  Keep us posted on the things you try and how they work out for you.   Sharing of information is key in helping each other succeed.    Good luck!



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  1. I wanted to let you know that I am very grateful I came across your website. I truly believe it has saved my marriage. I was having such a difficult time with doing the same chores every day. I lost the joy of keeping house because I had lost my reasons why. YOU Helped bring that back. I absolutely love this website. Thank you so much for creating it!

  2. Loved your articles! But I have to say that one vehicle in our area would never work. If I needed the car I would have to take two hours out of the day to take my husband to and from work! We actually used to work together and ride together. Those days are long gone! Thanks for all of your other great ideas!

  3. Fiverr is lude and offensive. Just FYI. Most of the posters are women offering to chat with you about ANYTHING for $5. Not the most wholesome site to link up with, considering your following. Love all the other content though!

  4. Love this blog , we made the decision 30 years ago that although I would work it would be around the children’s needs and he would take the career, talk about peer preasure when a college educated women put her career on hold for 17 years , have faith ladies it can work 4 great children an Awesome husband and no regrets.

  5. Hi! I work from home. Six hours a day minimum and here was my plan:
    Get up early and do the six hours before everyone else gets up.
    Then be a houswife for the rest of the day.
    I feel this is a great plan for work at home moms.
    What do you think?

  6. Being a stay at home now sounds great. Unfortunately having to pay child support for my first born makes the idea just dream instead of a reality for me. Otherwise I would love to be a stay at home mom once I give birth to my 2nd son in September.

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