How To Make Your Home More Accessible For People With Disability?

It is a good thing that people are now paying more attention to disabled ones. That is especially the case with public places like streets, trains, busses, shopping malls, and more. However, there are still many challenges and obstacles for people with disabilities. In case you or someone else in your home is disabled, it is crucial to make some repairs and improvements in your home so that it can be more suitable for people with disabilities.

The most important things that you will need to improve are related to potential obstacles around and in the house. A disabled person must have access to the bathroom and other parts of the home, as well as the freedom to move around in the backyard, and all that requires certain technical improvements. A great solution for homes with several floors would be to install a special lift. For example, you can check the stairlifts, Maryland, at

There are many other types of improvements that you can install as well. It should be related to the level of disabilities. Here are some of the best solutions that you can choose to make your home easily accessible for people with handicaps.

Get a Stair Lift


We already mentioned this solution, and it is indeed on of the most important things that you will need on your home as a disabled person. Getting up and down the stairs can be very difficult, and many people won’t be able to do that without assistance. Therefore, you can avoid the struggle of being dependent to others by installing this system in your home.

Many people are worried about the price of this machine, but you should know that there are various alternatives when it financing where you could get the full amount or at least a decent financial support when you are planning to buy this device. In case you were hurt in an accident that lead to disability, the coverage and compensation should cover the expenses for this machine.

There are some other options available as well, and you should choose the right one according to the design and size of your home. For example, if the stairs are too narrow, and installing the lift would be complicated, another solution is to install the lift. It is more expensive but will make your life much easier.

Make Some Changes in the Bathroom

For people with handicaps, even a simple process like going to the bathroom, washing hands, and getting a shower could be very challenging in a typical bathroom. In that matter, the only way to make it easier is to apply certain changes and redesign it to become more suitable. For instance, you can get a lower toilet seat so it can be simple for you to get from the chair.

Also, there is a wide range of options when it comes to bathtubs, shower cabins, sink, and other things. You should keep in mind that people with disabilities can also live a normal and comfortable life since we have so many advanced solutions today specially designed for handicapped people.

Entrance to The Home


Another part of the house that will need a redesign and improvement is the entrance. It depends on various factors like whether you live in a residential building or a house. In case it is residential, keep in mind that you have the right to request the redesign of an entry if it is not already suitable for disabled people.

Those who are living in the house should make the yard and entrance simply for people in wheelchairs. For instance, you can add more concrete areas around the house, and a wide area in front of the door so you can easily reach the lock. You should consider applying certain changes to the doors in your home as well to make it easier to open and close, such as automatic or slide doors.

Kitchen Remodeling

Other parts of the home should be redesigned as well. The great thing is that the public is now more aware of people with handicaps. therefore, you can find all kinds of devices, appliances, furniture, and many other things that are created especially for people in wheelchairs. The best solution is to invest more in all types of appliances in your kitchen that will make your life much easier.

The technological improvements are allowing us to enjoy the benefits of various machines, and you can get a dishwasher, sink with a lower point, automatic cooker, and many other devices that can be programmed to make your life easier.

Remove All Obstacles


This is especially related to stairs, floor, and entrance. After you install a lift, and remodel the entrance, be sure to check the area between different rooms. For example, you can remove the doorsteps to make it easier to move between rooms. You can even consider changing the material of the floor if it can make it easier to move around.

The Bottom Line

People with handicaps already have a lot of struggles in their life, and there is no need to avoid all the advancements that re provided by modern technology. If you are in a wheelchair, keep in mind that there is no reason to struggle every day with all kinds of difficulties when you are remodeling you home in a way where you can enjoy and move around freely every day.

The first thing to do is to create a list of all things that require advancements and then start with the crucial parts like installing the lift, improving the bathroom, and securing an easy access to your home. The great thing is that there are so many advanced devices available today.

People with handicaps can use these machines and deal with typical daily things like preparing food, cleaning, or watching TV in the same way as everyone else. You can even drive a car since there are special improvements available for the vehicles where you can control it only with your hands.

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