Surprising Health Benefits of Nordic Body Kinetics

Leading a healthy lifestyle in the modern age is not easy. It is not impossible to do it considering how much equipment and knowledge we now have, but it is difficult for other reasons. Living and working in the 21st century often coincide with just living and enjoying life.

Tight schedules and running about to complete all of the daily responsibilities and chores cause us to forget about the truly important things in life. And nothing is more important than being healthy. If one loses their health, everything else comes second until they are back to their full capacity. Therefore, prevention and getting ahead of the problem by ensuring health is much easier and makes more sense than finding remedies once the problems start to kick in.

The two ways in which anyone can become healthier involve eating a balanced diet and staying active. There is not one that is more important than the other. Eating well without exercise makes no sense, nor does working out and eating just about anything at any time.

But what about the way we do the exercises or at least the way we stay active? Are there any differences in our approach to physical activities and if so, what are they? In this article we explore one of the most interesting types of remaining active and healthy, the Nordic body kinetics. If you have never heard about it do not worry.

Keep reading to learn more about this and make sure to try it out once you learn about the many benefits it brings us. For additional information about this, check out for Nordic bod kinetics London.

What Is It?


The term Nordic implies something coming from the northern regions of Europe, countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Historically, people from this region was known to be tough, durable, strong, agile, and healthy. This means they were doing something right, or at least they knew how to utilize their surroundings in the best way possible. Not much has changed since the olden days and the Viking times in terms of this as the Nordic people are still among the healthiest and longest-living on the planet.

Perhaps it has to deal with the way they exercise and carry themselves, at least to a certain degree. Nordic body kinetics implies the modern way of precise exercise and movement that aims to strengthen the core and improve breathing.

Through correct and mindful movement, stretching, and breathing, the individual becomes more aware of what the body needs and what it is capable of. It is important to understand the feedback our body gives us if we are to tackle additional challenges, and this type of working out allows it.

The key elements of Nordic body kinetics include building deep body awareness and core strength, working on stability, encouragement to focus, feel, visualize, and recognize the movements we make, and to better sense and respond to the signals that arise.

It is Different than Pilates and Yoga

If it sounds somewhat familiar, that is because both Pilates and yoga are often advertised as such despite not being the same. Nordic kinetics does use many of the same movements and patterns that both of these techniques incorporate, but it puts more emphasis on being able to move more freely and comfortably while becoming abler and stronger.

By focusing on the body as a functional whole and taking a holistic yet precise approach, learning how to listen to your body is the ultimate goal. You can think of it as a preparation for being better at any other physical activity, from traditional sports to weightlifting and endurance performance.

Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, Bone Strengthening


Nordic kinetics come in a few different examples. While this form of exercise does focus on breathing and learning about your body, a lot of its efforts revolve around Nordic walking. This is a very energetic way of trekking/hiking that burns as much as 45% more calories than regular walking. It makes use of more muscles than other walking and actually employs the chest, arms, shoulders, and abs, apart from the legs and the back.

Apart from burning calories and losing weight, your muscles are being toned and bones are being strengthened at the same time. Rarely does a form of exercise do all three of these at the same time. As much as 90% of all muscles are active and the balance training is staggering. Legs are toned, arms sculpted, waist cinched, and core tightened.

Hip and Knee Protection

Despite a lot of walking out in the open over difficult terrain no less, Nordic walking and other kinetics is great for sore hips and chronic knee joint issues. As it employs the entire body, the stress on the lower body is lowered and the extra effort the hips and knees make is negated.

Lumbar spine and ankles also benefit from this, but it is the hips and knees that are both strengthened and healed at the same time. The whole posture is elevated if done right and it is easy to see why since the core elements of a healthy stance are targeted.

Heart, Lungs, Circulation


Remember how we talked about breathing? Well, here are the main benefits of exercising how much and how well you breathe during physical activity. Getting the heart rate up with regular walking is nowhere near as effective as with Nordic walking.

Exercising the lungs also takes place because you expand their capacity due to more active physical activity where the entire body participates. It is so great that even asthma patients benefit from it.

Since the breathing and heart tare are elevated, circulation benefits too. The blood is pumped all around the body, from the very active feet to the full arm swings. It is often hard to achieve healthy circulation throughout the body but still prevent injuries and over exhaustion, and yet Nordic body kinetics allow this very thing.

Mental Wellbeing and Enjoyment

Last but not least, we must not forget about the fact that you are spending time outside, breathing the fresh air, surrounded with untouched nature. It is a paradise for the senses and it is easy to feel good doing it.

Anxiety, stress, and depression will leave your body once you combine exercise, deep breathing, and all the pleasures for the senses including the visuals, the smells, and the sounds of spending time away from all the hustle and bustle.

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