5 Additions That Improve Any Home’s Backyard – 2021 Guide

Summer is right around the corner, and for many of us, that means spending a lot more time in our backyards. To make the most of this time, you may want to make a few improvements to your outdoor space to prepare for the Summer season. Planning these improvements out now will give you plenty of time to get them done, so you can begin enjoying them right away when Summer arrives. So without further ado, here are 5 additions that can improve any home’s backyard.

1. New Patio Furniture

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To start, consider upgrading your outdoor furniture. If your current furniture is on the old side, or if you just don’t have any, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Get yourself a new patio table so you can host some barbeques, grab some comfortable chairs so you can spend hours lounging outside, and grab a few end tables so everyone has a place to put their drinks. Entertaining outside reduces cleanup and maximizes the number of people that can attend when compared to entertaining inside of the home.

A lot of patio furniture is on sale at this time of year, so it’s the perfect time to do some shopping. And if you don’t want to actually visit any stores, it’s very easy to just order what you need online and have it delivered to your home. Take a look at multiple sets of furniture as settling on the first option is rarely the best choice. There are even options to find furniture at a discount by browsing through the Facebook Marketplace. People that are moving might be willing to part with their furniture for a fraction of the cost of its value.

2. A Backyard Pond

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When you’re spending all this new time outside, wouldn’t it be nice if you had the relaxing sound of running water to accompany you? Well, with a simple backyard pond, you can make this a reality. Small ponds look great in any backyard, and you can typically find a style to fit any budget. You can even do this project yourself if you’re up for some manual labor, but if not, just give a local landscaping company a call.

With a backyard pond, it’s important to remember to do upkeep. If water is left stagnant and untreated, you may quickly find your backyard swarming with mosquitos and your water turning a bad shade of green. Look into products for pond weed control (you can check out Trophy Pond for more info on that) for and adding a running water element will help to keep the water in your pond from sitting still. Relaxing around the pond at your home can be quite rewarding after a long day at work. Putting fish into the pond is an option as many fish feed off of mosquitos and other insects.

3. A Fire Pit

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Another great addition to any backyard is a fire pit. With a fire pit, you don’t have to stop spending time outdoors just because the sun is going down. You and your guests will be able to pull up a chair around the fire pit and keep yourselves warm well into the night. People that live in colder climates can entertain outside with a fire pit without worrying about guests getting cold. For those that have small children, a fire pit might not be the best idea until the children are a bit older.

To add a fire pit to your backyard, you have two major options. The first is to build it yourself, by digging a round hole in your yard, lining it with stones, and putting some wood in the center. This is a simple solution that anyone with enough space in their yard can do. The other option is to buy a fireplace. This raises the heat up a little bit to help keep everyone warmer, but it’s a little more expensive. Both options are great, so you’ll just have to decide which one works best for you.

4. A Garden

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If you want something to do while you’re outside, consider planting a garden. Gardening is not only a relaxing hobby, but it can make your yard look and smell amazing. Find an empty area of your yard and start growing some flowers or vegetables. Who knows, in a couple of months you could be serving everyone at your party fresh vegetables that you grew in your very own garden. To get started with your backyard garden, here is a helpful guide you can follow. There are certain plants that will be native to your area that can be extremely resilient to the weather in the local area. Even cactus can be a great option as they are durable and look great when they flower. Growing your own tomatoes or vegetables can be therapeutic and delicious!

5. A Hot Tub

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Finally, if you have a larger budget to work with, consider getting yourself a hot tub. Hot tubs are a great way to relax at the end of the day and perfect to use on those cool Summer nights. When you add a hot tub to your backyard, everyone will want to come to your place, saving you the hassle of having to go out. Adding a hot tub isn’t cheap, and you’ll need plenty of space to install it, but once you spend a few nights soaking outside, you’ll likely be glad you did it. Cold nights can be spent in the hot tub relaxing but make sure you put something down to eliminate the possibility of slipping on newly frozen ice. Keep the electric bill in mind if you are going to keep the hot tub running through the winter. You might find that it heats up in a certain amount of time which makes planning quite easy.

Make the Most of Your Backyard

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Don’t settle for a boring backyard that you don’t want to spend any time in. Summer is almost here, so make a few small changes to your backyard that will make it more enjoyable for yourself. Even on a small budget, you can make some significant changes that you and your family will love. So, head out to your backyard, start visualizing what you want to do, then get to work. Listing out what you want to do can allow you to put a strategy together. There might be a few additions that are more expensive than others that will have to wait. Turn your backyard into an oasis of relaxation that also has the potential to be an entertaining space.

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