Curious Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Home – 2021 Guide

Essential oils are very practical tools, which can not only be used as a benefit for the human body. They are also useful tools for the home. Several of these essential oils are great supplements to do some home tricks for quick fixes.

Have you ever thought that these types of oils are a good option for homemade stains or simply too deep to clean a microwave?

Surely they must be surprised and curiously asking if this is true. This time I will tell you that yes, it is possible to use essential oils for these types of functions and solutions.

We can use different types of essential oils. Depending on the need we have, we will choose the essential oils. Below I will mention several options for use, in which essential oils are of great help, one of my favorite oils is Palo Santo essential oil because it has great properties, including large amounts of Limonene, a medicinal compound of palo santo, known to be a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic agent. Click here for more information

Let us begin!

Reduce Cravings

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All of us at some point suffer from the uncontrollable cravings that make us want to eat from time to time, this may be due to nerves or the famous anxiety attacks. This becomes even more complicated when we are on a diet or want to lose weight. But, there is an essential oil that can help us a lot for this. Some of the essential oils that can help reduce cravings are cinnamon essential oil and Palo Santo essential oil. Simply taking a deep breath of this essential oil can help us relax and reduce food cravings.

Clean the Fruits

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With essential oils, we can also carry out a more adequate cleaning of our fruits and vegetables before ingesting them. Lemon essential oil is a very good option, it will be very useful for us to properly clean our fruits. All we will do is put a few drops of lemon essential oil in a cup of water. We will place our fruits or vegetables in a colander and shake the fresh fruits and vegetables and add a mixture of water and essential oil.

Neutralize the Smell of Garbage

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When we are at home, we sometimes have an unpleasant odor that usually comes from the trash can. And we don’t know what to do to get rid of this type of unpleasant odor. The essential oil of Palo Santo and lemon are the perfect accomplice for this task. Just place drops of Palo Santo or lemon essential oil on a cotton ball at the bottom of the trash can. Before placing the new garbage bag.

Clean the Microwave

Chances are, you’re a little hesitant about whether this trick works. But it really is a good trick that helps us remove those tough microwave stains. The lemon essential oil will not only serve to perform a good microwave cleaning. It will also help us to give it shine. Put a little vinegar with lemon essential oil in a spray bottle, shake well and spray the area you want to clean.

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Flavorings for Baths

In this case, we can use the essential oil of our preference. I like to use the essential oil of palo santo a lot. Its smell is concentrated in such a way that it manages to eliminate any bad smell that is not pleasant to smell. This can be done by placing about 2 to 3 of palo santo essential oil in an aroma diffuser. In my case, apart from using essential oil as a flavoring, I also use distilled water from Palo Santo that gives me the same benefits, what I do is put it in a spray bottle and I start spreading it throughout my home, palo santo.

Hair Lightener

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Although it is not to be believed, essential oils can also help us in this important part, especially for women. And the best thing is that the procedure to do this is super easy. We just have to have a small spray bottle with water and add 3 to 5 drops of lemon essential oil.

We apply to the hair before going out in the sun. This trick will help protect our hair and acts as a natural lightener, illuminating the color of our hair.

Create Moisturizers with Healing Properties

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A good facial moisturizer must meet two requirements: nourish deeply to delay the appearance of wrinkles and not oil the skin too much. In this way, we will achieve healthy, soft, smooth and luminous skin. The only thing we will do is put a cup of “solid oil” together with a little bit of beeswax in a very soft water bath. Mix slowly until everything is completely dissolved.

We remove from the heat and let cool completely. (This macerate in itself is already a very good massage cream that is absorbed very well by the skin.)

We put in the mixer the cup of liquids type “water” to which we will have added the essential oils and we mix everything for a few seconds.

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We put the mixer on again at maximum power and slowly add in a continuous thread the cup of solid oils with the wax (we must wait until it cools down after the water bath). There comes a time when the blades of the mixer start to turn with difficulty due to the thickness of the cream, it is time to stop the machine.

I usually use rose water and lemon or lavender oil, and palo santo essential oil, this helps me to pass out my skin and leaves it moisturized and without blemishes. Dare to make your moisturizers, you will see that you will get change instantly and your skin will thank you.

Impressive, isn’t it?

And so there are many more tricks that we can perform with essential oils. I hope you can put these little tips into practice and make your day to day life even easier.

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