What Is The Fastest Way To Deep Clean A House? 6 Tips For Busy People

When making the resolution list for this year, ensure you put one thing on it, deep cleaning your house. With Marie Kondo taking the internet by storm and teaching cleaning techniques and organizational skills, we would like to state the importance of deep cleaning your house on your mental health.

Research has shown that cleaning your house significantly impacts your mental health because it helps you calm down. It will further help you to gain self-control. It synchronizes cognitive skills with repetitive actions helping you to be calm and composed.

Are you among the people who are extremely busy with their job? Do you need more time to clean your house at the end of the day? If yes, you can contact West Palm Beach cleaning service for a deep cleaning session. But if you are among the people who like DIY, these tips will help you.

1. Plan Your Month, Weeks, And Days

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You can’t clean your house in a day. You will feel tired and demotivated. Planning your cleaning routine for the entire month will help you set goals and achieve them.

We will suggest you not set high goals. Instead, at the start of the month, plan your cleansing routine.

Things like washing dishes, throwing out the garbage, making your couch, etc., are the things that need your attention daily.

You can set aside chores, like doing the laundry, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the kitchen floor, etc., once a week or twice according to the need.

Try to spend time deep cleaning your house twice a month.

Following this monthly purging routine will make you up to date with the cleaning and keep your surrounding neat and clean.

2. Clean One Room At A Time

On that day of the month when you are all geared up for deep cleaning your house, ensure that you choose one room at a time. Deep cleaning the whole house or a section of the house can take a toll on you.

Rooms like bedrooms and living rooms are used regularly; hence you can include both these rooms on your deep cleaning day. But the less used room needs more attention, so set a day of the week to clean those rooms.

3. Stop Procrastination

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One of the reasons your home looks unorganized is the clutter lying here and there. A coffee cup can also be cluttered if you keep it lying on the coffee table after finishing your cuppa.

Thus make it a point to return the things you use to their places once they are finished serving their purpose. Teach everyone in your family the same thing. Make it a rule, and you will find your home much more organized.

4. Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Handy

Suppose you are in the bathroom and notice water stains all over the wall tiles. You might have the urge to clean it soon after noticing. When you reach out for the cleaning supplies, you remember that you have kept them somewhere else. Then you decide to procrastinate. Later forget about the stains and only see after a few days that your bathroom has become dirty and unhygienic.

Thus, we advise you to keep your cleaning supplies near where you need them. Keep the toilet cleaners, brushes, gloves, etc., in the bathroom. Ensure that you keep your kitchen cleaning supplies, like dishwashers, kitchen tile cleaners, etc., in the kitchen. Similarly, keep the vacuum cleaner nearer to where it is mainly used.

5. Make A Routine And Involve Everyone

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You need to take care of daily chores without any mistakes. Doing it all by yourself might make you skip a day or two, and before you realize you will be sitting at the top of a trash mountain.

Ask your kids, spouse, or roommates to be a part of the house cleaning. Assing yourself and the other people with cleaning tasks. For example, if you have two kids, you might ask them to take out the trash simultaneously. It will keep your house clean and help your kids learn the importance of cleanliness and responsibility.

6. Set Timer For Daily Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen and living room at the end of the day will keep your mind fresh when you wake up the next morning. After you are done with the day, set a 10 minutes timer to clean your kitchen and living room daily.

With all probabilities, the kitchen is the first place you visit every morning once you wake up. Entering a cluttered and dirty kitchen will irritate you. But when you have a clean kitchen top, dishes are kept away, and trash is taken out, you will feel relaxed.

The living room might be the next place you visit with your cup of tea or coffee to enjoy the morning sunlight. This time of the day is indeed a substantial house. You might have the habit of writing a journal, reading your morning paper, making your day’s schedule, etc.

You won’t appreciate stepping foot on your child’s toy or sitting on an unmade couch.

Thus, to make you more positive and productive, make a point to clean your kitchen at the end of the day. Set a timer and when the timer goes off, pause how much you have done. Do not push yourself further.

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Ending Note

To keep your house clean and cluttered-free, make cleaning a daily habit. Do the bare minimum, and you will see no piles of clothes stacking up in the corner or a mountain of undone dishes. Planning your cleaning routine monthly, involving everyone, doing the task immediately, setting a time, keeping things handy, and deep cleaning one room at a time will help you to maintain a neat and tidy house.

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