What Is The Easiest Sofa Fabric To Clean?

Cleaning a sofa can be really overwhelming, especially when you see a deep patch of stains or spills. While buying a sofa, you must also consider the factors if the upholstery fabric is easy to clean, or you can have a hard time getting rid of the patches of strains.

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Easiest sofa fabrics to clean

1. Microfiber fabric sofa

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The microfiber fabric sofa is the easiest to clean, and as the synthetic fabric, it is durable enough to withstand daily use. It takes low maintenance, and you can easily clean and stain or spill using a piece of cloth. Microfiber fabric sofas and couches last for a long time and are stain and scratch-resistant.

It is very difficult to puncture the fabric of a microfiber sofa. Even with the sharpest knife, you will need much force to tear the fabric apart. This type of fabric is the best for your sofa if you have pets with sharp claws in your house. With this type of fabric, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your sofa regularly.

2. Leather fabric sofa

The leather fabric sofa is the best choice when you have small kids at your home. Cleaning a leather fabric sofa is even easier than cleaning your dishes. So no matter how dirty the sofa gets with your kids around, you can wipe most of the stains without putting much effort using a piece of wet cloth with some disinfectant or soap water.

It can be a bit overwhelmed cleaning stains if it’s a light coloured leather sofa. Heavy stains can leave light patches if not cleaned properly. It is always better to buy a dark coloured leather sofa. Also, nothing can be compared with the comfort and pleasure you get by relaxing on a leather fabric sofa.

3. Vinyl fabric sofa

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Vinyl is a special type of fabric that has qualities similar to a leather sofa. This imitation of a leather sofa is also easy to clean as it is a special type of plastic but a lot different from scruffy plastic material. This type of fabric is perfectly suitable for restaurants and cafes where chances of stains and spills are much more but easy to clean.

Since they look similar to leather sofas at a lesser price, they can be easily replaced after a few years of usage. Vinyl fabric sofas and other furniture are in high demand in modern house interior designing and renovating.

4. Velvet fabric sofa

No doubt velvet is an expensive premium fabric, and a velvet fabric sofa can make the interiors of your house look luxurious. Cleaning a velvet fabric sofa might not be as easy if there is a deep stain mark, and with kids around, it won’t be a good option to buy a velvet soft if you have to clean it all the time.

You can buy a contact-grade velvet sofa for your house if the fabric is stain-repellent. Nowadays, almost every velvet fabric sofa has to pass through stain-repellent treatment so that people can buy it without worrying about cleaning it again and again. This makes it more durable and easily brushes or vacuums the dust and germs from your sofa.

5. Polyester fabric sofa

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Polyester fabric sofas and couches have always been in demand when it comes to interior design of your living room. This type of fabric is the most suitable for daily use and is also affordable for every family. This synthetic fabric is largely used as an upholstery fabric in many houses and gives you a comfortable and smooth feeling sitting on it.

It is easy to clean the stains until it’s not absorbed deep inside and cleaned quickly. You can easily clean off the dust and germs on it with a brush or piece of cloth with some disinfectant. These polyester fabric sofas are highly durable and made with solid synthetic fabric.

6. Linen fabric sofa

Linen sofa fabric makes it easy to clean dust and dirt from the sofa and avoids stains and spills marks if wiped quickly with a wet cloth and glycerine. Apart from that, this type of fabric gives your living room an elegant touch with various designs and textures.

This fabric is suitable for machine wash if you buy it with a removable covering. You can even dry clean the covers to preserve their original appearance. Usually, manufactured fabrics attract a lot of dust and need regular cleaning, but the linen fabric for upholstery makes your sofa more comfortable and dust and dirt resistant.

7. Olefin fabric sofa

Source: hedgeapple.com

An Olefin fabric sofa is a type of plastic fabric made with molten plastic which is spun into yarn. Thumbs are a good way to recycle plastic products and make them the easiest sofa fabric to clean. This fabric is water-resistant, and any stains or spills can be washed away easily.

A wet cloth and some detergent can easily remove any water-based stains from your sofa covers and is durable for regular and heavy use. The only problem with the olefin fabric sofa is that it is resistant to heat and fire. Also, cleaning with hot water can damage the fabric.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of sofa fabrics to choose from with different designs and quality of fabrics. The same fabric can have different qualities based on the cost of the sofa. No matter what fabric you buy, you must clean your sofa once or twice a year to get rid of the dust and dirt. Use disinfectants to clean the germs and other stains that might not be visible at first sight.

These were all the different types of sofa fabrics that are easy to clean. If you are planning to buy an expensive sofa, don’t forget to take proper maintenance to make it last long for years that includes proper cleaning and preserving its original appearance.

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