7 Best Housewarming Gift Ideas for the Jewish Home in 2021

The act of turning a house into a home demands attention to details, lots of energy and united people who are the vital element of the equation. Togetherness is something that has been associated with Jewish society all over the globe through centuries. Opting for a suitable solution in a gift without proper education about Jewish tradition and culture may be the wrong road to take.

Approaching this topic with an open mind to experience may be beneficial for people of any nation and religion. We have done the homework and prepared a few ideas which can boost your search for the right housewarming present in this field.

1. Bread

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As you can imagine, bread has been on tables supporting any meal you could provide for your family. The tradition message when choosing such a symbolic present for any Jewish home is that they will never be hungry again. We suggest considering adding a basket in which the bread will be placed, along with a traditional bow giving it another level of visuality.

During the centuries where survival was the everyday story for the people of this nation, bread has a crucial symbolic meaning. Cultural and traditional heritage influence has a massive impact on this topic, and recognizing these facts will make your quest for a gift much more comfortable.

2. Shabbat Candlesticks

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Shabbat represents a highly significant religious moment of peace and unity for the whole family. The tradition implies specific rules on how to spend the time together with your loved ones at this period. Note, that a group of necessary items is expected to be present in every Jewish home, and such are the Shabbat Candlesticks. More than a beautiful thing of religious tradition during the holidays, but a symbol of their proud history.

Fortunately, you have options to choose from in this department, read more here. Depending on your ideas or budget, you can purchase a Shabbat candlestick from various materials and numerous shapes. We suggest considering the five branch candlestick, the classic 35cm long, temple candlestick, and the travel Shabbat candlestick. Each of the mentioned options is a universal gift solution for any member of this society.

3. Sugar – Honey

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Similar to the first suggestion on this list, food given as a present in this topic has a symbolic meaning attached to it. Older and more experienced members of the Jewish community know the blessing it will be to receive sugar and honey in a basket and followed by a bottle of wine. Each of the mentioned speaks for itself with the wishes of the household.

Sugar implies that your days are sweet together, no matter what the time brings, it will stay super-sweet taste in your eyes. Honey speaks that you may never be without love and happiness, and it will keep pouring like honey from a beehive. Sounds good that this can be a nice present anywhere on the globe to people of any religion and culture.

4. Wine – Salt

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Wine, on the other hand, represents a wish that you may not be thirsty, but house-full with wine as with water. Through ages, households with home-made wine were considered wealthy and prosperous homes to be in, and therefore such a belief is understandable. Salt may be a spice that was not expected, still a popular cultural-tradition housewarming gift in this topic.

The meaning of present in salt is that you wish lots of flavors in their lives. As with any related gift concerning food, future prosperity is in the first place, along with a healthy life. Any of the mentioned food-related choices is a sure thing, and your host will be positively surprised by your knowledge and efforts.

5. Mezuzah Scroll

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The next option on this list is a Mezuzah Scroll. History has a specific place intended for Judaism in the lives of Jews all over the world. The religious reminder of the birth of Judaism written on the Mezuzah Scroll has been around in Jewish homes and business for as long as we can imagine. Between many superstitions and traditional meanings, this particular scroll is the protector of the house and the people in it. It is even considered to bless the house where it is placed, and as a holy item to possess. Such beliefs have been present throughout centuries, we suggest gifting this present to someone who will know how to respect it properly.

6. Washing Cups

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Another religious and traditional idea for Jewish housewarming gifts is Washing cups. This one is highly practical, and a must-have in every home who live by the rules of the Torah. Usually, around the sink in every household of this society, you can find a Washing cup. According to religious beliefs, it is necessary to wash your hands before prayer, breaking bread and other mitzvah related activities.

The washings cups are the only place where you will clean your hands from sins, and the water from it purifies you. It is essential to know this story before gifting such a present. Still, it will mean much more when you say a few words about your housewarming idea to the host then you thought in the first place.

7. Shtenders

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Last but not least significant on our list of suggestions is the Shtenders – book stands. Usually associated with the pastor giving his word to the audience before placing his bible on it, but today a stylish idea for any home. You may be surprised how many people have decided to enrich their home-decor with a classy Shtender, which speaks with elegance, history, and tradition without saying a word.

Although this may not be your first creative idea, consider applying it where a touch of culture will emphasize the whole ambient in the room. Needless to say, how the host will be surprised with your token of attention for this occasion – speechless better to say.

We have only scratched the surface of the topic at hand, but hope to have opened your mind and eyes to top-creative options in this field.

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