January 20

Saturday January 21 Cleaning Checklist

Happy Saturday morning!  Do you get up early on weekends?  I love to get up before the family and savor a tea or coffee before anyone wakes.   And then, get my cleaning done early so that I can enjoy the day.

Today we are going to hit those walls in the family and living rooms. ¬† By “wipe down” I mean wash. ¬†It’s a bit of a project, but a necessary one–especially in rooms that see a lot of living. ¬†Organize yourself well and it’ll be done before you know it.

PDF for today: Saturday Jan 21

January 19

Friday January 20 Cleaning Checklist

Ever go to iron a nice white blouse and stain it with the mineral build up on your iron? ¬†You really only do that once. ¬† Cleaning it is pretty simple. ¬†Here is a good tutorial¬†if you don’t know how to already.

Today we are also going to pay attention to pet bedding and bowls. ¬†It’s a good idea to disinfect them a few times a year.

Your PDF for today:  Friday January 20

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January 18

Thursday January 19 Checklist

Books!  I.Love.Books.

I don’t know about you but I own shelves and shelves of books. ¬† If I were to never go through them and get rid of some they would take¬†over my house. ¬† So at least once a year I sort and decide which to keep and which have to go. ¬† And then I do a few things. ¬† (1) I check my titles on eBay. ¬† Sometimes I am surprised how much a particular title can get. ¬† If it’s decent, I’ll list it. ¬†I’ve even sold books that were highlighted and written in–once for more than I originally paid for it! ¬†Just be honest in your listings and be sure to charge shipping. ¬†I usually to the flat rate shipping bags, just for ease.

You can also re-sell textbooks to Amazon. ¬†I haven’t done it, but I see it out there.

(2) Sometimes I call the local indie bookstore and ask if they are interested in a trade. I bring books, she gives me store credit toward new books.   Or new-used books.  I am happy either way.

(3) Sometimes I donate books to my local library.  They keep some but sell most at their book sales to support the library.

(4) other times I deposit the books in a local book dumpster.   They donate the books to kids and folks who have little access.

What do you do with the books you no longer use?

Today’s PDF: ¬†Thursday January 19

January 17

Wednesday January 18 Cleaning Checklist

It’s mid-week! ¬†Meal planning, kitchen cleaning, shopping. ¬† Such a busy day in my house. ¬†Today I’m also attacking that drawer where all the pan lids wait to be used. ¬† How on earth do they multiple through the years? ¬†I have more lids than pans. ¬† Not for long!

PDF:  Wednesday Jan 18

January 15

Monday January 16 Cleaning Checklist

There’s nothing like a clean, comfortable bed at the end of the day. ¬† ¬†To make your mattresses last longer, you need to maintain them by cleaning and rotating them.

If possible, vacuum your mattress to remove mites. ¬† If you mattress is very heavy and it never used to be, it’s because it’s full of dust mites who are feeding on your dead skin and likely causing allergies. ¬†You may need to replace it. ¬†You should also replace it if it sags or has broken springs/slats.

Otherwise, spot cleaning and rotating and keeping it covered with a good allergy cover is helpful. ¬†Here’s your list. ¬†PDF:¬†Monday January 16

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January 11

Thursday January 12 Cleaning Checklist

Although I am a stay-at-home wife and mom, on Thursday mornings at 7 am, I do participate in a weekly networking meeting to promote our home business. ¬† I think it’s a good idea for all of us to find a way to get out and spend time with other adults each week. ¬†Volunteer. ¬†Participate in church activities. ¬†Visit elders. ¬†Join a mom’s group or book group. ¬† It’s all part of taking care of you. ¬†Find something that suits you and guard that time as “necessary” and not “optional.”

In the meantime, here’s your checklist for today. ¬†Click to enlarge.