My going gray journey continues . . . an update.

A few of you have asked for updates on my going gray journey that started here , so this is it. 🙂  I’m still at it.  Here’s a photo from today.  It’s a slow process, and one that has its challenges for sure.

I’m not enjoying the skunk look.  But I’m lucky that I didn’t wait until I was 100% gray or white to grow it out.  At least I have a nice pepper mix in there to temper it a bit.   Still, I have considered other options.

I consulted a stylist to talk about adding highlights to blend out the gray.   We met for an hour.   Looked over photos.  Came up with a plan.   She asked me to wait another month so that she could get a better idea for a good “match” for my silvers.   That was March 5.   So I waited the month and eagerly anticipated my highlights day, only to be disappointed when she announced that she’d changed her mind and would not be doing them after all.  WHAT??


So I went and talked to another stylist who has asked me to wait until at least July to think about coloring, with the goal being that if I can get to July without coloring, I might get past the worst of the grow out and decide not to color at all, or at the most to do the opposite of highlights.  If anything, she said she’d love to add lowlights to the gray to further blend out the stripe.  She’d really like to not strip the rest of my hair with bleach.   Apparently it’s very healthy and nobody wants to be responsible for compromising the integrity of such a healthy head of hair.

So I experiment with different ways to pull it back or throw it up–anything to break up the stripe.  I haven’t yet tried cute little hats, but I suspect those days are coming.  July is a long way away.

I’ll keep you posted.  🙂

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