Free Products in Exchange for Your Honest Review (It’s not just for bloggers!)

Good morning to my favorite people!  Have you ever seen a blogger review a product in exchange for getting a sample of that product for free?
Did you know that you have those types of opportunities available to you as well?  That’s right.  You, too, can get free products in exchange for your honest review of those products on .

Free Products in Exchange for Your Honest Review

Right now I know of these product review opportunities:  (I’ll let you know when more pop up.)

Ashwagandha by Zenwise Labs
Joint Support by Zenwise Labs
Age Defying Skin Clearing Serum
Hyaluronic Acid Serum

(click on each product name above to go to the Amazon product description)

f you would like to participate in the review you must be US based, have an Amazon account, and be happy to leave a review for each individual product (disclosing that you received your sample for free).

To inquire, contact [email protected]

She’ll hook you up.   Tell her I sent you.

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