Sometimes the best of plans aren’t meant to be

Good Friday morning!  Sometimes the best of plans aren’t meant to be !

I’m late.  I know.  That’s because I slept in. <gasp!>  Yeah.  I didn’t get up and make breakfast or pack hubby’s lunch. (With his blessings.)   I didn’t run yet.  I didn’t do anything I normally would have and all because of a pom martini.  Just one.  Last night.

We went out to celebrate the end of our identity theft issue from earlier this year when someone filed our federal and state taxes for us.  Wasn’t that nice of them?  In any event.  It’s over.  Sometimes the best of plans aren’t meant to be We received word from the government that the case is resolved and closed and our identities have been restored.  So, dinner and a drink it was.  But . . .

I’m not a good drinker.

But here I am.  🙂  Ready to go.  Sort of.  My plan for the remainder of today?  Here it is:

1) Run (or walk until my stomach stops flip-flopping and then run.)
2) laundry
3)Thoroughly clean the kitchen.   Here’s how I do mine.

Clean out the fridge.  Wipe it down inside and out–including the top and the gaskets.  Remove the drawers and wash in the sink.  I just pulled it out and vacuumed (Hoovered, for my UK friends) a few weeks ago, so I won’t need to do that for another month or two now, but if you haven’t done yours you should.  Also, clean out the drip tray underneath or it can start to grow a mold that will have a sickly sweet odor to it. Clean the freezer too.  Throw away anything old.  Organize every that remains.  Wipe the condiment bottles.  Replace.  Viola. Done.

Clean the microwave.   Inside and out.   (I place a cup of water in there and turn it on for 3 minutes to steam the interior first).   Our microwave is also our range hood, so check and clean that.

Clean the stove top and the oven (I have a self-cleaner that I will run.)

Empty and clean the dishwasher.   (Yes…if you use a dishwasher, you know how filthy it can get.)

Organize all the cabinets.  Doing one at a time, remove everything. Throw away any expired foods.  Wipe out the cabinet, and then replace the contents neatly.  The very act of doing this usually sparks dinner ideas as I find things I forgot I had.  Like wheat berries.  I love wheat berries.   A nice cranberry/ wheat berry side will be coming up this week!   It’s important to do this fairly often because sometimes we pick up little food invader bugs at the market.   If you are checking your cabinets often, you will catch them before they infest the entire kitchen.  So gross.


Twice.  In 27 years.  Both times left me with the heebie-jeebies for weeks.  I hate bugs.

If needed, I’d clean and organize my spice shelves.  I have a lot of spices, but it’s still very neat and clean from when we did it a few weeks ago.  This week I’ll skip that step.  If I were doing it, I’d be sure to wipe the tops of each and wipe the cupboard down where all the bits of spices fall when we put them back after use.

Bleach/water treat the wooden cutting boards.   After they are rinsed and dried, treat with oil if needed.

Wipe down the exterior of all cabinets.  Disinfect and degrease the handles and around the handles.  (An old toothbrush is great for getting in there if it’s a tight fit.)

Wash the backsplash.   Wash down small appliances.  (Clean the crumbs out of the toaster first.)   Wash the table and chairs.   Cushions on the chairs?  Are they machine washable (they should be)? Throw them in the washing machine.

Water cooler?  Follow these simple directions.   Yes.  You have to disinfect the water cooler once in a while or it grows mold and bacteria.

Wipe down any other furnishings and all knick knack type things.   Wipe down photos or other art work.  Wipe down light fixtures.  Clean the dog bowls.

I just washed the kitchen curtains when we painted a few weeks ago, but check them.  If yours are dirty, and machine washable, throw them in the washer.  Otherwise, just be sure to hit them with the vacuum on your way by when you do the floor in a bit.  (Note:  I never dry mine in the dryer.  I always hang them while wet.  The wrinkles fall out of them as they dry.  Check the instructions on yours first as this can cause some fabrics to stretch.)

Wash and polish countertops.

Empty trash and recycling.  Clean the containers before replacing bag.  Don’t forget to clean the walls around them or inside the cabinet if they are in one of those drawer-type arrangements.   Things don’t always make it IN.  Sometimes they lurk on the floor NEAR.  Yuck.  (I love children.  I love children.)

Sweep or vacuum.  Shake and bang out small carpets.  Then mop the floors.   Our floors are wood and are getting very scratched from use with kids and dogs, so I need to mark a few days on the calendar where we can polish those too.  The entire house needs it to get them back to a beautiful glowing sheen.

Replace water in dog bowl.    Done!

4.) brief break.  Tea.   Write.

5.)  If I had a paint party tonight, I’d normally prep for it in the afternoon.  But tonight we are going on date night.  Two in a row!  Amazing.  No.  I won’t be having a martini.  🙂  So I will catch up on other business needs instead.   (I still need to make and deliver those posters.)

6.)  Spend time with Jen and Max (daughter and grandson)… relax.  Play.

7.)  Tidy up the living room and other main pathways of the house before hubby arrives home.   Prep dinner.  (We are not going out to dinner.  Our date is after dinner.)

OK…off I go.   Tomorrow I am doing two blog posts.  The first, the weekend schedule.  The second, the beginnings of a look at Fatherhood and how it has evolved over the years.   Father’s day is coming!  We’ll start looking at some fun vintage cards, photos, and ideas for celebrating that too.   Can’t wait that long?  Why not check out some of my older stuff.  It’s still relevant.  House and Home posts are here.   Marriage (and relationship) posts are here.   Til tomorrow… See you then!

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