Modern Day Makeover–Bathroom

It’s time for a Modern Day Makeover–Bathroom edition. One of the many responsibilities of a housewife is to create a pleasing home atmosphere, and being an artist, it’s one chore that I wholeheartedly welcome. And after living in our newly built home for a few years, I had grown tired of the “builders white” on the walls.  It was time for some color.   So I began researching color schemes of the 1950s and immediately fell in love with the turquoise, aqua, and reds of that era. The first room to be painted was our dining room in a beautiful robust red. Modern Day Makeover–Bathroom  The kitchen attaches to the dining room.  It will be aqua and red.   And our half bath on the first floor attaches to he kitchen.  So I wanted to paint that room in the beautiful turquoise tones.   But here’s the thing.   I wanted to capture the joyfulness and cheerfulness of the 50’s decorating without necessarily creating a period room.   My husband doesn’t mind an occasional vintage piece in the decorating scheme, but he’s not terribly fond of whole room recreations.  I wanted to utilize that color scheme but create something more modern and whimsical.  Check out my Modern Day makeover below.   What do you think? BEFORE–blah blah blah

Modern Day Makeover–BathroomModern Day Makeover–BathroomModern Day Makeover–Bathroom

and … AFTER

Modern Day Makeover–BathroomModern Day Makeover–BathroomModern Day Makeover–Bathroom

I just love this little vintage bird picture.  Don’t you?

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