Old-Time Cold Remedies that work


Mr. C and I came down with nasty colds this week, so we’ve been combatting them best we can using every kind of old-time cold remedy we can find.   The results have been good.   At the very least, we held our ground and didn’t get worse.   And quite often we felt some great relief.   So what works? and what didn’t?  Old-Time Cold Remedies that work.

Here’s our findings.    First and foremost, grandma used to always say to stay hydrated.  Water.   Tons of it.  It helps in a few ways.  First, it thins mucus.   Second, it helps with fevers and with your body’s overall ability to act and fight the cold virus.


But don’t stop at drinking it.  Steam it and breathe it in (make a tent over your head with a towel for best results).      Add a little salt and gargle with it for that sore throat.  Take a nice hot, steamy bath to help with all over body aches.   Or just stand in a steamy shower.   It all works.  Water might just be our best medicine.

And if not, there’s always chicken soup.  I love soup, so any excuse to have it is fine with me.   I cooked up a pot (no canned stuff here) in no time using one of those pre-roasted chickens from the supermarket.   Within an hour we had hearty chicken goodness.    This also works in two ways.  First, that broth.  Hot liquids also help break up mucus, and they feel amazing on a scratchy throat.  The steam helps clear your sinuses.  If you put garlic in it, you get the antibiotic and anti-viral effects that garlic offers, but be advised that to get those effects, you’ll want to wait until just before serving to throw some fresh chopped garlic in.  You want it only lightly cooked when you consume it.   And if you throw some cayenne in there, you get added stuffy nose clearing effects.    Chicken soup is a definite keeper.

Put a humidifier in your bedroom.  (Make sure it’s super clean.)   It helps with that dry mouth/stuffy nose thing.

Honey.  We took a teaspoon of raw honey every few hours and just let it dissolve in our mouths.  It tastes great, but it also helps to soothe a sore throat and calm a cough.    Some say it even helps to fight the bacteria that could be building up and leading to a sinus or upper respiratory infection.

And then there was the freshly juiced pineapple.  We actually juice it and then add some cayenne to it.  1/4 cup every 4 hours.   This juice brings down swelling in your sinuses which then allows the mucus to escape more easily.

Lastly, we took our Elderberry Elixir four times a day.    We love this stuff, and our kids and grandkids do too.

When taken daily during the winter season, it can even prevent colds and flu setting in at all.  Perhaps we need to get back on that routine.

We are looking forward to sharing all kinds of old-fashioned goodness with you this year including more herbal remedies for all types of ailments and some new all-natural discoveries too.

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