1. By Monica La Pira on

    I’m just now going to adopt the 50s lifestyle I had a stroke 5 yrs ago which left me impaired & vertigo. My Bf does everything for me my mom was a 50s housewife & she did it with ease & grace so thought if I started slow get get my housekeeping at a starting point this lifestyle would help keep it up my Bf likes caring for me so cooking & laundry will have to be taken from him gently with a loving hand baby steps!! I’m excited to start my 50s house wife journey!!!

  2. By makaylaabrown on

    I love this site! I’ve always been fascinated by older eras (particularly the 50s), and its so nice to learn practical ways to live an old fashioned lifestyle. I can live in the modern era without having to conform to it! Thank you for all of the useful tips. 🙂

  3. By JoAnn Clemons on

    I have always felt I was born in the wrong era. I love the 50’s life style. Thank you so much for creating the tips to make this life style so much easier.


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