June 12

How to Survive on One Paycheck–1950’s style

(Note!  This Part 1 is for women who want to live like a 1950’s housewife. Meaning you want to live in a male-lead home.  If that’s not you and you are just looking for tips to surviving on one paycheck, skip to Part 2.) How to Survive on One Paycheck–1950’s style

If you want to live like a 1950s housewife, where you stay at home keeping house and tending the kids while your husband goes to work, you can. To be able to live and survive on one pay check is possible.  Today we are going to talk about the two big things you must do first to make it possible. Tomorrow we’ll get to all the little details of the “step by step.” But you must be able to do these two first before any of the rest can succeed. First and foremost is that you have to hand over care of the finances to your husband. Why? First, because if he is going to be solely responsible for bringing in enough money to pay all the expenses and keep a roof over your heads, he needs to see first hand where the family finances stand on a weekly basis. He needs to pay the bills. He needs to budget for the groceries. He needs to see it and experience it so that he knows if he is doing enough.

If you are controlling everything and paying all the bills, and you tell him there isn’t enough money, it is possible he will suspect that you aren’t spending wisely. He may even think that you are stashing money and not telling him. He sees plenty coming in, and he will believe there is plenty to cover everything. He will likely get angry, dig in and refuse to make changes. But if he is doing the finances himself, he will know.

The second reason you need to turn over the finances to your husband is because if you want to live the life of a 1950’s housewife, you have to live all of it. It doesn’t work half way. If you want to live the gender role of a traditional woman, you have to let your man be the man. You have to step back and let him lead his home, and doing the finances is a huge part of that.

Back before the introduction of feminism, this is how it worked, and men woke every day with just a few things on their minds. After they got that first one out of the way, <wink> his focus shifted to his duty to provide for his family. It has been a man’s instinct to think this way for thousands of years. It’s only been since the 1970s that gender roles became foggy, but rest assured, his instincts to lead and provide are still strong. He is just waiting to take the reins.

Before you start to back-peddle, let me add this. You have nothing to fear. Just as it was back then, it is the same now. A man not only feels compelled to provide, but he feels compelled to keep his family in the highest social status that he can afford. (The man with the most toys wins!) He will keep you in the very best house that he can afford. He will want to insure that his wife looks as pretty and is wearing the best fashions as he can afford. He will insure that his children are dressed as well as and can participate in as many sports and activities that he can afford. He is not going to short change you or his kids. Why? Because it’s his instinct.

One of the things I was most shocked to learn about is the secret life of men. Secret to women, that is. It’s a brutal, stressful world that they live in—far worse than anything a woman can imagine, simply because our brains and our thoughts don’t work the same way as theirs. But since all men wake thinking the same thing—keep my family at the top!–theirs is a world of fierce competition. They wake up ready to fight. Men spend their entire existence comparing themselves to each other and fighting for position. They fight to win women. They fight to win and then to keep their jobs. They fight for social status. They fight for admiration and acclaim. Sometimes they fight for their own (and our) lives. No matter where you look in a man’s world, there is a fierce battle going on, hence the constant need to look and feel “manly.”

One of the most stressful places for a man is in his work place. There is almost never peace and there is always a lot of back-stabbing there. There has to be. The guy on top gets paid the most. The guy on the bottom gets near nothing. To allow a fall to the bottom is not only financially disastrous, it is humiliating to a man. And to add to the humiliation is the constant, nagging fear that for most families, a fall to the bottom of the social status ladder is often a fall that will last for many generations. Once beaten down, it is nearly impossible to recover and pull out. Some families never do. The emotional burden and stress of knowing that his children, grandchildren and even his great grandchildren will be effected by how he performs today is enormous.

I almost can’t bear to even think about the burden, yet men are designed in such a way that they have the emotional strength and physical ability to fend off the stress that comes with this responsibility. They tend to think more logically and less emotionally. Their bodies are more rugged, more prepared to take on stress.  Those amazing creatures happily take on the full social and economic responsibility for their wives and children, and they will likely never speak of it as a burden because it feels natural. It feels right.

To have the responsibility to be the sole provider, however, could not be bearable or even possible unless your husband has control over decision-making. He has to have the freedom to be able to decide what job to take that will best provide, where to live, how to live, and he needs to have your 100% cooperation in allowing him to be the decision-maker. Remember that word “obey” that was taken out of the marriage vows? This is where it comes in. It didn’t have anything to do with being a slave to your husband. It had to do with respecting his decisions about how he was going to lead his family and obeying his instructions regarding those matters. You get input, of course, but whatever he decides is final. Welcome back to “obey.” If you can’t accept this, then you can try to live like a 1950’s housewife, but odds are that it will not work for long—not without a whole lot of relationship-damaging suspicion, resentment, and arguing.

Besides, why would it be so bad to just let go and let your husband be the head of the house? If you see that as degrading, ask yourself why. Why would it be degrading to be in a happy marriage where your husband feels manly and treats you like a lady and where your children feel protected and happy? What has happened to our thinking? We as women have got to stop seeing everything as a fight for equality. Despite what our generation was taught, we are not meant to be equal in all things. We, as women, are designed to excel at certain things and men are designed to excel at others. Why can’t we honor that?

Tonight sit your husband down and tell him that you want him to take over care of the finances. Tell him that you feel like he is better at that type of thing than you are and that it’s just too stressful for you to deal with. If you must, show him this post. Do what you need to do to get him on the same page. And then step away. Resist the urge to show him how to do it. Resist the urge to remind him what to do. And do not check up on him. He is capable. Let him step up to the challenge. He may shock you with his abilities. And yes, he may occasionally mess up, but so what. Haven’t you occasionally messed up? Let him be. Remember when we talked about accepting him completely, just as he is?

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June 6

The Real Way to a Man’s Heart.

“The center of a woman’s happiness in marriage is to be loved–but the center of a man’s is to be admired.” –Helen Andelin   The real way to a man’s heart is simple to understand, if we only take a minute to try.

Starting from when they are little boys, men begin to crave admiration.  A man wants you to see and admire what he can do, his ideas, and his accomplishments.   This drive for admiration is even bigger than his drive for love.  If you want to see an instant improvement in your relationship with your husband, father, or sons, pay close attention to this blog post, for it is when you express admiration for a man that you stir his feelings of love of you.

il_340x270.580849021_jqi9 Photo credit: Norman Rockwell

Starting at a young age, the drive for admiration goes deeper than any want.  It becomes a need.  It is an essential element to building a boy’s self-confidence to carry him into manhood.   Later, when he is grown, it is the boost that he needs to survive in the competitive world of men.  When admiration is missing from his life, it is disastrous.  Men who have lacked admiration often become cold and hardened.  They learn to repress the craving for admiration because they’ve given up on receiving it, but it remains under the surface, just as strong as ever.

Therefore, begin to make it a point to notice and acknowledge these traits in all of the males you have in your life.  But be advised however that if you were to compliment a man on the way he was helpful to you when he mopped the floor,  he might appreciate your acknowledgment, but it will do little to stir his feelings for you.  What he craves most is an acknowledgment of his masculine qualities.  Physical qualities to admire would be things like his large build, his strength, his beard, and anything that distinguishes him as male.  His abilities in sports, in lifting heavy objects, chopping wood, perhaps.

Mentally he desires admiration of his achievements, skills, and abilities.  This can be anything from the way provides for your family, how he fixed the broken door, or the way he earned his degree.  Tell him how dependable he is, how you admire his determination.   Tell him you are proud of him.

Why? Because it makes him feel manly and being made to feel like a man is one of the most pleasurable experiences a man can experience, and when a woman gives him that kind of feeling, she becomes indispensable to his happiness.   Don’t forget, as the late Maya Angelou said “…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Do this often and your husband will learn to turn to you for comfort and companionship.  You will win his deep love and devotion.

If you aren’t sure what to admire, follow these simple steps:

(1) Spend some time thinking about him each day.  Think about what he is doing.  Think about things he has said.  And,

(2) Watch him closely.  If you keep your eyes on him, you’ll find things to admire.

and most importantly (3) Listen to him.

If he talks about his work and it bores you, resist the urge to look away and pay attention to your own tasks.  Stop what you are doing.  Look at him and listen.  Do you hear and see a man who is devoted to his work?  Do you hear and see a man who is working hard to provide?  What is he excited about? What skills does he have that you never acknowledged?  Is it something to admire? Perhaps he is talking about things you don’t understand.  Don’t be surprised to learn that he may be doing that on purpose.  He wants you to admire his vast knowledge as well.

Lastly, when you express your admiration, be sure to be sincere.  Do not take this lightly.  Superficial flattery will come across as an insult.  Anything you say that is not sincere will be easily detected as a lie.  He will resent it.  Be sure you’ve observed and listened and the things you express are heart-felt.  Doing these things will bring amazing rewards to him and his personal growth.  It will build his self-confidence and give him the fuel to become an even better man.   But more importantly, when you  have accepted him exactly as he is (as we talked about in our post a few days ago), and you sincerely admire your husband’s masculinity, it brings significant rewards to your relationship.