January 22

My Gray Hair Transition is Complete, and I love it!

OK.  So here it is.  My gray hair transition is complete, and i love it!  All in all it wasn’t so bad.  I DID end up cutting it super short, which I hated more than words can describe, but it grew quickly.     It’ll take another year to get all the length back, and in the meantime I am still living with a less than ideal cut, but I’ll share photos from December so you can see the amazing colors.

I. LOVE.  It.     Love.   Not like.  Not tolerate.  LOVE.

943882_10207022650017884_4333011273220630946_n 12391912_10207022649857880_4140561996962561751_n

I love that I don’t live with a constant rash and scalp scabs from allergic reaction to hair dye.  I love the money I’ve saved.  I love how my natural color looks so much nicer with my skin tones.  I love everything about my silvers.  Everything.

So ladies, if you feel like it’s time to make the jump, I recommend you do!   Yes, the first 5 months are tough.  Not going to lie.  But the end result is worth it!

July 2

My gray hair transition continues

Some have asked, and the answer is yes! My gray hair transition continues!

There are days when I seriously do what I said I would never do–consider a pixie hair cut, but so far I haven’t gone that drastic (although in my bangs area it’s very short).  My plan is that when my bangs get to the length where they look soft and lay down how I like them, I’ll know it’s safe to cut the rest that short.   I don’t want a poking up pixie.  I am trying to stay looking soft and feminine, if possible.

In any event, here’s some updated photos.

11226063_10205915144530939_6088126113655703166_n 11539712_10205915144810946_389295863307243724_n

You can see that it’s a few inches of gray now.  And it’s been 6 months.  So….agonizingly slow hair growth for me.   You can also see that I cut a good 6 inches off of the dyed hair.  That eliminates about a year of grow out time.  So far so good.   I think I’m over the hump.

It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be, but my grey is also very salt/pepper so it’s not too dramatic that it can’t blend into the dyed parts.  All in all, not too shabby.  I’ll keep going.