July 15

Love & Marriage that lasts

Ahhh…the trick to achieving lasting love.   Read through some of our past Love & Marriage posts and suggest ideas for new ones.  We love hearing from you!


6/4/14          Proven Steps to Improving Your Marriage –1950s style
/5/14          How To Create Perfect Love
/6/14          The Real Way to A Man’s Heart

10/24/14      Dress for Marriage Success.  Play up your Feminine Nature.
11/3/14        Play up your femininity Part Two
1/2/15          Are You Feminine?

3/18/15        Modern Day 50’s . . . Shades?
4/27/15        How to Find a Lost Diamond
7/1/15 — The Marriage Agreement  (the most important post we’ve ever done.)
7/14/15–5 Reasons Modern Day Women are Choosing to Live as old-fashioned wives.
7/18/15– Why He Doesn’t Want You to be a Stay-at-home Mom
7/27/15–Answers and Solutions for Depressed Housewives 

12/16/16 — Being Obedient in a Traditional Marriage– the downside 




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