1. By Shirley on

    I only have three years of work before I can go on pension “for old age” and it has been very tiresome working almost 41 years minus three at the hospital. It seems being sick and getting treatment is the new way of life these days as it seems like it’s not normal not to have some health problem to treat. I think this way of life is just to stressful and unsatisfactory and that’s why we are Always so sick and overeat.
    I noticed allot of people who work at the hospital are sicker than some of the patients there and many Others don’t even make it to go on pension.
    I hope you continue to enjoy being a house wifte and inspire us to a better way to live. I think your statement was really to the point
    ” I’ve struggled with the guilt of knowing I’d missed out on huge portions of my kids’ lives because I was too busy trying to be important to people who don’t even matter to me.  I can’t even remember those people’s names now.”

    Here at the hospital where I work they are use to having people who go on pension throwing a huge costly party but I think I will save my money as I doubt I’ll ever go back there even to get treated unless I have an acident and I get taken there by ambulance.



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