July 15

Cleaning & Organizing–Vintage Tips

Cleaning & Organizing–Vintage Tips

Enjoy looking through some of our prior posts.  As always, let us know what you’d love to hear more of.  We aim to please!

6/20/14  From Bored Housewife to Tranquil Domestic Goddess in 3 Easy Steps
6/24/14  How Cleaning and Your Weight are Related
6/25/14  Cleaning House 1950s Style–Part One
6/30/14  Cleaning House 1950s Style–Part Two
7/04/14  Cleaning House 1950’s Style–Part Three–  A Real 1950s Daily Cleaning Routine

12/27/14  The Quiet of the Morning

1/14/15 Hand Wash? Or Automatic Dishwasher? Which is better?
/15/15  Modern Day Makeover–Bathroom

4/13/15  Spring Cleaning Checklist
4/27/15  How to Find a Lost Diamond

5/1/15 Modern Day Makeover– Kitchen
5/7/15  How to Paint a faux tile backsplash

7/7/15– Old-fashioned methods to teach kids how to clean
/21/15 — A warning about Pregnant women and cats.




  1. By tammy on

    This website looks so juicy! I can’t wait to read these posts. I will defo book mark it! I am losing weight just so I can fit into those fifties type dresses! SOOO happy I have found like minded women!!

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