January 31

Wednesday February 1 Cleaning Checklist

Ever feel like you do the same things day after day after day, just like in the movie Groundhog day?   LOL…  ahhhh the life of a housewife….

Oh well.  Happy Groundhog day anyway. 🙂

Here’s your PDF List:  Wed Feb 1
Or if you prefer, just click this one to enlarge:

January 30

January 31 Cleaning Checklist

If you’ve been following along all month, you did it!  You completed one full month of rotation of cleaning in your house.   Did we get to everything? No, but we sure did achieve a lot and things should be looking much better.   Continue on and by the time we complete February, you will be in great shape.  Congrats!

PDF:  Tuesday Jan 31

January 29

Monday January 30 Cleaning Checklist

We’ve been working our way through the house decluttering and washing walls.   Today it’s bedrooms.  If you have more than 3 bedrooms in the house, you can split this up.  Do some today and do some on Sunday.  Otherwise, try to just bite the bullet and work through it today.

As always, here’s a handy PDF:  Monday Jan 30
Or click this photo to enlarge (and save a tree). 🙂

January 25

Thursday January 26th Cleaning Checklist

For most of us in the United States, we are prepping to file our income taxes.   For some, that’s simple.  For others, like myself, not so much.   Thankfully this year I stayed on top of my home business bookkeeping so it’ll be less painful than in years past.

Today is all about paper.   Getting rid of the old, and prepping for the new.  Go through those home files.  Ditch anything you won’t need again.   File anything you will (or might).  And prep fresh new files for 2017.

Today’s PDF:   Thursday January 26

January 24

Wednesday January 25 Cleaning Checklist

This is going to be a very busy day.   We have thorough refrigerator cleaning, however if you just did this in December it should be a quick chore.  If not…

We also have to wash the walls in the kitchen, especially if you cook with grease often.   It gets airborne and covers everything.  Gather your supplies and do one wall at a time.   Clean up any decorative items as you go.

When you are done, enjoy your sparkly kitchen!

PDF:  Wed Jan 25

January 20

Saturday January 21 Cleaning Checklist

Happy Saturday morning!  Do you get up early on weekends?  I love to get up before the family and savor a tea or coffee before anyone wakes.   And then, get my cleaning done early so that I can enjoy the day.

Today we are going to hit those walls in the family and living rooms.   By “wipe down” I mean wash.  It’s a bit of a project, but a necessary one–especially in rooms that see a lot of living.  Organize yourself well and it’ll be done before you know it.

PDF for today: Saturday Jan 21