Why I’ll Never Buy From Cricut Again

In February I was delighted to purchase my first Cricut machine.   I gleefully order a Cricut Maker because of all of the wonderful things it claimed it could do.  I’m an artist, and all I could think of were the amazing possibilities! Since then my experience has seriously changed my opinion of Cricut and, more specifically of the the company.

From the very first experience with my machine– the first test cuts–my machine has never been able to do intricate cuts.   I purchased new blades, new mats, new cutting materials–all from Cricut, thinking that’s what I needed.  I ordered templates straight from Cricut and made zero changes, thinking surely if I use their own templates–SUBSCRIBE to their own Design Space in advance for a year– things will work.


I’ve eaten through whole roles of vinyl, reams of papers, and bolts of fabric without a usable cut among them.

I tried making the cuts larger–much larger than the images I’d seen of completed projects.  No help.

I called for help and was asked to send a video of the issue–which I did.  No answer.  Days late still no word from anyone.  Nothing.

I checked in again today to find out why I have no answers and was told that they had not gotten back to me because I have Mac computers.   They need to hook up to my machine by Windows and they require Windows to work with me.


(1) You knew from my first call that I had Mac computers.   Mac computers are a staple for a very large portion of the creative world.  YOU are a piece of the creative industry.  You really ought to be able to work with people of the creative industry.  Why ask me to send a video?  Why tell me you will get back to me?  Why not tell me THEN that you have a requirement of Windows.

(2) Prior to purchase I was never told anywhere that if I have a Mac I can never get help with technical issues.

(3) How long would my support ticket be sitting out there?  Were you just going to forever blow me off?

(4) Why not just send people machines that function properly in the first place?

(5)  Is this why you have a 15 day return policy?  So people are confused long enough to eat through that and be stuck with your heaps of crap?

What on earth is the problem?

I must also mention that in order to change my email address associated with my account, I had to submit a support ticket.  I can’t change it myself.  The operator I contacted can’t change it.  SUPPORT (or Lack of Support, perhaps) has to change it.  And, that, too, is still not done.

What kind of company is this?

I shudder to think of what types of issues others have had.  I can’t even get past a basic service call to get my $400 machine to function as promised!

Oh … and here’s the kicker.  If I return this defective heap of crap, they reserve the right to send me another just like it…which they also won’t offer help and service for because it will be connected to a Mac.

Thanks a lot for nothing Cricut.

I’ll be switching to Silhouette.


    • Oh honey! I am in many of the groups. My problem appears to be a defective machine. We’ve done every setting. Every kind of materials. Everything anyone can think of. But Cricut has been absolutely no help. Thank you though!

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