Who Do You Know Who Gets Dry Eye from Computer Work?

I wasn’t going to put this here.  I was going to put this review on my art blog since I was trying these glasses for days when I’m on the computer all day designing and/ or blogging and that’s not likely a housewife issue, but it occurred to me that many of my readers here have husbands (and wives) who suffer from eye strain from being on the computer all day.  Those spouses are coming home in bad moods, and these are just too good to not tell you about.

For far less than you’d imagine, you can help eliminate issues with dry eyes and eye strain from computers, florescent lights, and exposure to too much blue light.   And when I say eliminate, I mean it.   No more issues. No more headaches. No more nausea.  No more sandpaper eyes.  No more trouble sleeping.

I know because I’ve tested two pairs of these amazing glasses (the Prospek 50 and the Prospek 99), and they worked for me exactly as promised.  I must say that I looked a bit ridiculous because I wear reading glasses and have not yet ordered the PRESCRIPTION version of these glasses, so I had to wear the non-prescription type over my prescription ones, but it was worth the inconvenience to discover such a treasure.

Why are they a treasure?  Because they solve the problem of overexposure to blue light that can damage our eyes.  How do they do that?  Check out this page from their website.  They do a far better job of describing that than I can.

I tried the Prospek 50 for daytime use while I did a full day of computer work, and for the first time ever, I didn’t get a headache or have to adjust the light level on my computer down.   I also tried Prospek 99 for while I was reading on my Kindle late into the night and found that I was able to settle right into sleep without any disruption from the backlight.

They offer regular day time glasses, night time glasses (oh that glare!), and even sun glasses.  I might just get a pair or two of each.  Check them out at www.spektrumglasses.com.  



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