A Personalized One Year Cleaning Calendar Checklist

A Personalized One Year Cleaning Calendar

I just sat down to create the year of cleaning calendars and then I realized that I could simply walk you through how I do it, step-by-step, so that you can each create one that is tailored to you with tasks on the days that work best for you. I know some of you in the Southern Hemisphere have opposite seasonal tasks that I do, so this will solve that problem for you.

Here we go.  Let’s do this together.  It’ll take about 2 -3 hours but then you will have it for the whole year. First grab a blank calendar. If you don’t have one, just go on the internet and find a calendar template and print one out.  You want big boxes.

Which Days Work Best for You?

Next decide which days of the week make the most sense for you to do the cleaning of each individual room.   For example, I like to clean the kitchen and the refrigerator the day before I do food shopping so that all my spaces are freed up for the incoming groceries.   And I like to clean the living room on the day before I typically get company visiting.  Which days work best for you?  Write them across and above the days of the week at the top of each month.   Yours will be different than mine, but you know my usual routine.   Bedrooms on Monday, Bathrooms on Tuesday, Kitchen on Wednesday, yada yada.  Do what works for you.  Write “Kitchen” above the day you want to do kitchen every week.  Write “Bedroom” above the day you want to do all the bedrooms.  Do that for each room of your house.

Yearly Tasks

Next gather up a list of all YEARLY chores that need to be done in the house.  Divide those into household areas/rooms.  So, for me, those are things like yearly fire safety tasks (checking fire extinguishers and things like that), gutter cleaning, furnace cleaning, chimney sweep, septic cleaning every two years-three years, window cleaning, deck furniture cleaning, grout sealing, granite sealing, etc.    If you aren’t sure about these, look up yearly cleaning checklists.  Or yearly household maintenance.  There are many lists out there.  Use them for reference and then divide them into your household areas.

Add those to your year calendar FIRST.  For me, windows are in March/April so I went through the March/April months and added cleaning windows to each room, spreading them throughout the month because I wash everything–curtains, blinds, windows, screens, etc on the same day.  So one week I had the windows written in on Monday–bedroom day.   That’s a big one because it’s multiple rooms.   So I DIDN’t do windows in any room the rest of that week in case it took me all week to do all those bedroom windows.   I put windows in my dining room and laundry room in the same week.  You spread yours out however it works best for you but fill those in first.

Do that for all your yearly tasks.  Find the month that works best for that task the pick the week that works best and write it in under the room that it applies to.



Twice Yearly and Quarterly Tasks

Then repeat this process for twice yearly tasks, then for quarterly tasks.   Don’t worry about all the day to day stuff.  Just fill those occasional tasks in.  Things like attics and basements should be added to whichever day you have for miscellaneous chores/rooms.   I typically always make that my Saturday.  I do living room on Saturday and any miscellaneous additions.

Monthly and Weekly Tasks

Next make a list of all the once per week tasks that need to be done for each room and on the side of that list write down all the things for that room that only need to be done once a month or so.   You can refer back to my lists by searching “Cleaning Checklists” on this blog site.  You can get a good idea of the things that need to be done weekly and for a recent month there.

For example, in the bathroom you have to clean the tub, toilet, sinks, floors, counters, every week.  You might only need to clean the linen closet once per month.  You might only need to clean out the drawers once per month.   The medicine cabinet once every two months.  Maybe you vacuum the bathroom vent once per month.  Make your list with what you encounter in your home.

Spread those once a month tasks throughout the calendar and write them in.   So, for example, in addition to all of my regular weekly tasks for bedrooms, once per month I account for straightening out closets, draws, nightstands, under bed, etc.   So I write ONE of those MONTHLY chores on each week throughout the month on the bedroom days (Mondays for me).   Makes sense?

Do the same for each room in your house.   Put them on your calendar.  All the monthly chores for each room.  Fill them in on the days best for you.

Weekly and Daily Templates

Now… Create your weekly template.  The one that won’t change.   Every week you have to do certain tasks for each room.  Make a room-by-room template.  Don’t fill these in on  your calendar unless you have huge boxes.  Create a separate list that will stay with your calendar.

Lastly, create a daily template of things that must get done every single day regardless of what room focus you are on.   For example:  dishes have to be cleaned every day even if it’s not kitchen day.

Keep your daily and weekly templates with your calendar.

Every day do your daily template tasks plus add in your weekly template for the room of the day that corresponds with the day of the month you are on.  And add in whatever chore you have written into the specific day on your calendar (those monthly/quarterly/yearly things.)

Sounds complicated but it’s not.   And once you’ve done it you can simply carry it over year-to-year adding things and subtracting things as you see what works best for you.

I’m constantly adding things to mine.  But the thing is that once you are into a routine it all goes so quickly that it’s very manageable!

Let me know how you did and how awesome it feels to know exactly what you need to do every day going into the rest of the year.



  1. Wow thank you from the brake down of everything! Not gonna Lie I will still use your old cleaning list! As I need To get a white borad to write down my dayly cleaning!

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