The Changes That Come With Age

Sipping coffee. Feeling peaceful. Grateful for the changes that come with age. No longer clamoring for money and thinness and beauty.

Now putting that energy into clamoring for continued joy and laughter and memories worth keeping. Settling in to having reached an age where I can be comfortable in my skin. Comfortable with having enough. Understanding where true priorities lie–in bringing real value to my world, which for me is in bringing art and joy and some other things . . . In my spirituality. In my family and friends.

Understanding that I don’t have to speak all the time. Sometimes the wisdoms I have collected will fall on deaf ears, and that’s okay. I can save my treasures for those who seem ready. I can keep my lips closed and watch and know that everyone has their own journey and they will learn the truths in time too.

Watching friend after friend pass away and truly understanding genuine appreciation for each day. Feeling gratitude for what I have, and for being healthy. For being joyful in a world where there are so few who are.

I glance out the window and see the robins hopping all over on my lawn bringing with them the promise of Spring and new beginnings, and I wonder what memories and what new teachings this next decade will bring.


  1. I Love the Post on Us as we age. I still try to keep the weight down & look nice. I still wear the make-up, fix my hair & dress nicely. At 66, I am definitely not ready for the Rocking Chair yet!! Right now I do ALL of my Housework, still plant flowers & weed my flower beds. I also help with the garden. I want to keep these things going until the day I die. My problem is with Winter. I just want to SLEEP like an Old Bear!! I so wish I could conquer that one………I am just so Thankful & Happy to BE ALIVE……..

  2. You’re as old as you feel.
    Hubby’s sister had a surprise 70th birthday party for their sister this past weekend.
    wow, just wow ! the 70 yr old ladies were amazing, if that is 70 , I will welcome it & feel very blessed to get there.
    then the MIl was 89 ! YES 89 ! if you saw this tall , slim well dressed , long blouse with leggings. (Yup Leggings, she looked amazing. )
    You would think she was no older then 75 if that.
    I don’t know her secret, but I love the spunk .

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