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I drastically overslept today.  I woke at just before 9 am with a jolt.  So I’m way behind already and the week has just begun. I don’t mind really.  I’m still healing, so sleep is important, and since nobody expects me to be up and about doing much just yet, it’s not a big issue, but I had high hopes of this being my “back on track” day.

I previously mentioned a little bit about how I plan a week in my world. And typically I do that on Sunday. Yesterday I did a bit of thinking about how I wanted to re-enter life after surgery. These are the primary outcomes I’d like to see happen this week.

  1. Health/Body:   Obviously this is still a big focus while I still have at least 6 weeks before the bones in my feet fully mend. Technically I still have 3 broken bones on one foot and one purposely shattered joint on the other. In fact, one joint was almost entirely removed and we have to allow scar tissue to form to basically become the new joint.  So, proceeding along with “getting back on my feet” has to be done slowly and gingerly.  It also means I’ve been on my butt for weeks and I can feel it expanding under me.  So I need to get moving.

    My two health outcomes for this week are to (a) go back on the induction phase of the Eat to Live plan, and (b) get moving again down in our gym.  There’s a lot I can’t do, but there is a lot I can do, and being that I’m extra sedentary these days and going through menopause, this is hugely important.  Strength training becomes a key factor in maintaining bone health after menopause.

    The problem is that I am a huge rebel (I know that shocks you) and that I fight against all forms of diet or exercise.  This is a big struggle for me.  So I have to look at doing all of this AS a form of rebellion.  And that makes it easier.  I have to play mind games with myself.  Thankfully Mr. C is very much into weight lifting and fitness, so he is very supportive.  The bad part is that he is almost too supportive/ borderline pushy. This contributes to my feelings of rebellion.  It’s a catch 22.

    Body image and weight have always been some of my biggest life challenges.  I rotate between fighting against society’s preoccupation with keeping track of how much real estate people’s bodies occupy and back again to wanting to feel better about my own real estate occupation.  This time is a bit different, however.  I don’t particularly care about the appearance.  I care about the funny twinges I get in my heart.

    Heart diseases run in my family, and I am 100% positive I’m off to a good start toward having heart disease.  I have had palpitations for years, on and off, but now I get all out twinges and pangs.   It’s time to really take myself and my heart seriously before I leave my family in a lurch.  I honestly feel that if I don’t get back on to my proper eating plan I will not live to see 55.  So this is the week that I attack that giant.  It begins today.

    Fully body healing.  If you’d care to join me with the Eat to Live plan, let me know. I’d love to exchange recipes and such with others who are participating.

  2.  My art/ Our art business:  We have a family art business that we run from home and this week we begin our regularly scheduled glass frame parties.

    I’ve got to get the rest of the details of that in place and practice getting around better on my scooter in order to conduct a class.  By the way, if you live in Southern New England, we’d love to do a class with you! Just let us know.  We come to you and do classes in your home for you and your friends.  And everyone does their own.  Any style.  Doesn’t have to be nautical. Rustic, music, dogs, barns, butterflies, flowers, whatever you want, we can help you create.

    In any event, I also have to make sure the scooter fits in the car with all of the supplies for the glass frame classes.  And I have to force myself this week to put the boot on that they gave me and begin walking around a bit here and there.

    If I get around to it, I also need to open our Shopify store that we’ve been talking about forever.  That might not happen until next week, though. I’m okay with that.

  3. And my third outcome for the week is to plan out our Easter festivities.  What will I make for a family that isn’t fond of ham?  We have all the kids and grandkids getting together on Easter Eve to do brunch and color eggs. I’m making quiche for that.  What kind? And what special kinds of egg decorating ideas can I bring?  How can I make a memory?

    Because that’s what all this is about, right?  Making memories.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

What are your plans for this week?  What 3 outcomes would you like to see? And what’s on your menu for Easter dinner?  Let me know!  I’m seeking fresh ideas.

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  1. feel for you.. heart issues in my family too but a weird thing I discovered recently .
    I took ‘vit C ‘ for a couple years, I ran out & ordered more, so it was 2 weeks w/o taking them. after I started taking them I noticed heart palpitations & really gassy . My heart felt like it stopped & I had to cough to get it going again. I believe God opened my eyes to the reason. I had had no issues with my heart OFF the “vit C’ !!
    I had lunch w/a friend & told her about it. she practically kissed me.. LOL She said I have had the same issues.. I have been running around the house taking my pulse. she said Thank you ! Before our lunch was over she said her DD had called , very sick with a cold & having heart issues . She has been taking EmergenC ! WHAT !?

    Just a FYI.
    PS.. a dr pointed out that the 2 ingred IN a VIT C pill are not ,separately VIT c, and he has NO idea how putting the 2 together could ever be , VIT C.

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