Mattress Care Checklist 101

Mattress Care Checklist 101

The average American gets 6.8 hours of sleep per evening. This means that most of us spend a lot of timeMattress Care Checklist 101 lying on our mattresses, and it’s absolutely essential that we take care of them to give our families the best sleep quality possible. I know that most mattresses typically last at least ten years, but proper care and maintenance can make them last even longer. I made a quick checklist for mattress care to share with all of you.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Different mattresses can have different needs, so it’s important to read the manufacturer’s notes after your purchase. For instance, Leesa explains that a hybrid mattress comes with both spring-coils and memory foam, which means you should take into account how to care for the two types.
Use a vacuum once every three months and avoid washing the mattress unless absolutely necessary, as the moisture can cause the coils to rust over time.

Rotate the mattress

Because we tend to sleep on the same spot on our mattress every night, it’s important to rotate it every once in a while to prevent depressions and softening from uneven wear and tear. I’ve included mattress rotation in our Spring Cleaning Checklist, but it’s a good idea to rotate your mattress 180 degrees every two to six months.

Use proper support and protection

Mattress Care Checklist 101Although you don’t really need to purchase the matching foundation when getting a new mattress, it’s important to give it proper support to preserve the quality and prevent early wear. This is especially true for larger sizes like kings and queens.

Also, make sure to get a washable cover to keep your mattress fresh and protect it from stains, dust mites, and allergens. Using a quality cover complements the first tip, because it’s vital so you can avoid washing the mattress itself for as long as possible.

Change it up

It’s recommended to change bed sheets and blankets at least once every week to prevent the buildup of sweat, oils, hair, and skin cells on your bed. This is especially important if you eat in bed. The Huffington Post shares that in addition to getting messy or disgusting, not regularly changing your sheets can affect your mattress itself by breeding bacteria and encouraging dust mites.

Clean stains properly

Mattress Care Checklist 101If stains do get on your mattress, the Reader’s Digest warns against using volatile chemical removers, as these can destroy the mattress fabric and damage the underlying materials. Instead, use mild detergent and a clean damp cloth.

No jumping on the bed

Last but not least, never ever allow your children to jump on the bed. Roughhousing can seriously damage your mattress and its foundations, and is a big no-no in mattress care.

That’s all for mattress care today! Watch out for the cleaning checklist and more tips here on The 50s Housewife blog!


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