Checklists for the week of March 25

Good morning!

Oh my what a busy week I just had.  It’s good to be back active.  I did get everything done that I set out to do for the week, and that was miraculous considering I’m still somewhat handicapped with my ability to move around well for any length of time.

This coming week is a very busy one for cleaning.  We begin to hit some of the Spring tasks, including getting to some of those windows.  We’ll get to all the windows by the end of April.  When I say windows I mean everything to do with windows– blinds, shades, casings, screens, glass and curtains!  It’s all going to sparkle when you are finished.   Now if only we could keep the snow away here in New England!

OK.  Here are the lists for the week.  In addition to these things, if you are a gardener and spring has arrived for you, mount your bluebird boxes near your garden area so the birds set up there and keep the insects in your garden under control.

Also: Plant in peat pots:  eggplant, peppers, parsley, savory, fennel, chervil, anise

 PDF: Monday March 26

 PDF: Tuesday March 27

PDF:  Wednesday March 28

 PDF: Thursday March 29

 PDF: Friday, March 30

 PDF: Satuday March 31


  1. Winter keeps reappearing over here. I do wish the seasons would make up their minds. We are moving in a month so some Moving House lists would be a real boon!

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