Cleaning Checklist for Thursday February 8

Hello again!  Cleaning Checklist for Thursday, February 8 attached.

Here is the list for tomorrow.  Living room day again.  Nothing fancy, just the usual stuff.  If you’ve been doing these with me since the beginning of the year, your cleaning day should be starting to be pretty quick.  Most things are just touch ups rather than full on “start from scratch” cleanings now.  And as long as we all stay on top of them, that’s how they’ll remain.  Everything will usually look pretty good after just a quick pick up.

If you just started with the lists, just hang in there.  Every day things will look better, and by the time you get 5 or 6 weeks in, your home will be looking amazing and getting easier and easier to do.

Tell me, how are the lists working out for you?

Click to enlarge.  Or download the pdf to save and print.  🙂

PDF version:  Thursday, Feb 8,





  1. I love these lists. I have been using them for two weeks. There have been a couple days I have missed because of a busy schedule or unexpected appointments but even then the house feels so clean. It is amazing! I am getting into a routine and rhythm now for when I get the housework done. Love it!

  2. I love these lists too!
    I am currently not working due to recovering my health. My house was such a mess when I quit. I love staying at home, I used too when my boys were young.
    I just started on the 2nd of January and followed through. My house looks so much better! We are slowly getting rid of excess clutter.
    Thank you so much for this blog and list!

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