Cleaning Checklist for Saturday, February 10

It’s Bonus Room day tomorrow.  And it’s also February 10.  February 10 is a special day to me.  It’s my oldest child’s birthday.  The anniversary of the day I became a mom.   I remember how much I cried tears of happiness.  It’s all I ever wanted.  Happy birthday Stephanie Ann.  I love you!

OK… ::::sigh::::  On to the checklist. 🙂  In the USA we start getting our taxes ready right about now.  You should have all W-2’s and Health Care forms.  All your tax documents should be in or will be in within the next week, so why not get yourself organized and be done with it?  Don’t wait until the last minute.  I’ll be doing mine on Sunday afternoon after the birthday party we have coming up.

It’s also time to do some seed starting.  Check the list if you are a gardener!

Click the photo to enlarge or download the PDF to view and print.  🙂

Saturday, February 10

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