Cleaning Checklist for Monday, February 12


Here’s your cleaning checklist for tomorrow.  Bedroom day–and we are cleaning fans too.  Do you use a fan in your room at night?  Or some other type of white noise machine?  I am a bit odd in this department. I use earplugs but I also have to have a fan on in the room so I can feel the air movement.  We even bring a tiny little fan with us when we travel, just for that purpose.

One time that little fan came in handy at a hotel where the room was on a sensor.  The air conditioner would shut off if things stayed too still all night long, and the first night there I thought we were going to drown in sweat.  I woke up repeatedly all night long.

So the second night we set up a string that crossed in front of the sensor with things dangling from it and we faced my little fan toward the dangling papers we hung from the string.   It was just enough movement to keep the air conditioner from shutting off.

I don’t know what I would have done had it been more of a heat sensor.  And we vowed that we would never be without that little fan, just in case, again.

ANYWAY… here’s your list!  Click to enlarge or download the pdf to view and print.

PDF Version:  Monday, February 12

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